Save me

Save me now. Save me from this place, these awful people. I sit in this corner, listening to the only thing that makes me happy. One Direction. Yes, it may sound weird, I, Sarah Michelle Jaxon, a sad, depressed girl that listens to One Direction? Weird, but, it's true. They make me feel beautiful for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. They just.. Make me happy. I only have 2 friends, Emily and Savannah. They my life so much easier. But, I end up seeing something at prom. Something that changed my life forever.


2. "I'm sorry."

Today was prom. Do I still cut? Yes. Do I still get bullied? Yes. And I dread every second of it. I just wish it would end, right now. But, I was still excited for prom. Our principal announced there was gonna be a surprise. I didn't have a fancy date or anything like that. I just went with my friends. They didn't have dates either, because they didn't want to leave me out.


When me and my friends arrived everyone was still out in the front of the building. I guess they haven't opened the building yet. But as soon as I set foot out of the car, everyone started laughing at me.

"Hey, Sarah, nice try attempting to look pretty!"

"Look at your legs! Do you even shave? That's gross!" These people are so stupid. Yes, I do shave. Doesn't every girl?

"Awe, looking at your cute little girl hair, put into curls." And the comments kept on coming. Finally, they stopped.. But that's when SHE came. She, as in Brittney, came. She was the most popular girl in school and the rudest. 

"Hey SLUT," She snapped at me. "Oh my Sarah, did a bird poop in your face? Because there is shit all over it!" I stared at her. Childish, but rude. Everyone laughed at me. I turned my head away. But as I did, I found someone looking at me in the corner. He wasn't laughing. But I couldn't seem to make out his face. But all I did see was him mouthing, "I'm sorry." I smiled and mouthed thank you back. He was nice.

(Harry's POV)

Paul told us we were preforming for some High School's prom tonight, and I was like, eh, sure. I didn't expect it to be so exciting though. I was just gonna have every girl in the school run over me and the boys for autographs and pictures. I'm used to it, but, it happened constantly, so it annoyed me quite a bit. 

By the time the rest of the band and I arrived, there wasn't anyone there luckily. I didn't want to get trampled by girls. I stood in a shadow against the brick wall, hiding my face so no one could see me. Soon enough, lots of people started coming, people coming out of cars. Some with dates, some without. They all waited outside for them to open the doors. Luckily, no one came over to talk to me. They probably didn't know who I was. Suddenly people stopped coming. Maybe that was all of them? Just at that moment, I saw one last car pull up. When the first girl stepped out, I just stared, she was gorgeous. 

Dirty blonde hair that was curled, just to a few inches under her shoulders. A dark blue dress with silver heels, and a a silver clutch. She looked amazing. But, two seconds after she came out the comments started coming at her like crazy. I guess she was one of those bullied girls at school, who were drop dead gorgeous, but people were too stupid to realize that.

Everyone insulted her, they called her a slut, insulted her, crap like that. She soon then turned her head away from everyone else. Spotting me. It looked like it was hard for her to see who I was. Good, I didn't want to have screaming girls running at me right now. But, she just kept looking at me. I felt bad for her. A pretty girl like her shouldn't be bullied by everyone else. 

We kept looking at each other. But no one else seemed to notice and they went back to their regular conversations. I mouthed her, "I'm sorry." I really felt bad for her.

She must've seen it and smiled. Her smile was shining bright in the light. She mouthed thank you back, and turned to her two other friends. I need to talk to her.. After the preformance.

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