Save me

Save me now. Save me from this place, these awful people. I sit in this corner, listening to the only thing that makes me happy. One Direction. Yes, it may sound weird, I, Sarah Michelle Jaxon, a sad, depressed girl that listens to One Direction? Weird, but, it's true. They make me feel beautiful for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. They just.. Make me happy. I only have 2 friends, Emily and Savannah. They my life so much easier. But, I end up seeing something at prom. Something that changed my life forever.


7. "..HE'S LIKE SO HOT!.."

(Sarah's POV)

Oh my god, okay, I'm going out with Harry today.

"What do I wear? Do I wear more make-up than usual? Will he think I look pretty? Okay Sarah, calm down.. Calm.. Calm.." 

Okay, I'm like, really nervous. 

I look in my closet.. What to wear? Hmmmmm.. Maybe since this is only lunch, I'll wear a sundress.. I moved hangers from side to side, looking for my pink sundress, with a brown belt from Rue 21. Oh, here it is! I examined it in front of me. Perfect. I put that on my bed. But it looks to plain... Oo, Jean jacket! I walked to my closet and got my own and put it on top of the dress. Yes. That is amazayn(Heh..)

I walked to my bathroom. Shower timeee! Haha. 

I stripped, then got in the shower, letting the warm water run down my body. I love showers. Did I mention that? Once I finished, I got out. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked back into my bedroom.

I changed, and walked over to my body mirror. I like this dress. It makes me look skinny. I smiled at myself and walked down the stairs. 

"Hey mum."

"Hey sweetheart, where are you going?" She looked at me with a smile.

"Going out for lunch with a friend. Why?" 

"It's nice for you to go out today. It's actually really nice outside. And who is this.. Friend?"

I laughed at her, "Come on mom, it's only a friendly lunch with Harry." I looked at the clock. Thirty minutes 'till noon.

"Harry who?" Gosh mum, you're being nosy today.

"I need to get ready." I said, ignoring her question. I didn't wanna bring up the fact that I'm going out with Harry Styles.

"Sarah Michelle Jaxon!" I cringed, I didn't like it when she used my full name. I turn around to look at her. 


"Harry who?"

"Erm.. Harry Styles." She laughed at me. 

"Please don't tell me you're playing games, Sarah. Tell me the truth."

I sighed. Of course she didn't believe me! I pulled out my phone, and dialed Harry's number.

"Hello?" His deep, british accent made me melt. I put him on speaker.

"Hey Harry, it's Sarah. Try and tell my mom you're real, because she doesn't believe I'm going to lunch with you. She's curious." I could hear him laugh. I handed the phone to my mom.

"Here mom, that's proof that this is Harry."

"Hello, Harry? Is this, THE Harry Styles my daughter rambles about?" She laughed. I heard Harry laugh in the background.

"MOM!" I hissed at her.

Harry laughed again and spoke. "It depends, what does she say about me?" Oh my god. No mom, please. No.

"Well.." She began. I put my head in my hands. "She's always like, OH MY GOD HARRY LOOKS SO HOT WITH HIS SHIRT OFF!" Oh my god, she's trying to sound like me. But failing. "Mum, do you SEE what his hair looks like? His curls are like, so totally perfect! Four. Nipples. Are TOTALLY attractive." Oh no, I could hear the rest of the boys laughing in the background. Shit.

"Welp, that's me Mrs. Jaxon."

"Thanks sweetheart. I'll give the phone back to Sarah now."

By now, I was as red as a tomato. I grabbed my phone, and took it off speaker and ran upstairs. I walked over to my desk and looked in the mirror, and started putting mascara on? I had the other hand holding my phone to my ear.

He was still laughing. Oh my gosh. "Do you really say those things about me?"

I sighed. "Erm, yeah."

"Thanks babe, I get that a lot." 

Oh my god. Babe?! Harry Styles just called me babe. Fangirling, fangirling.

"Uh.. You're welcome." I looked at the clock, fifteen minutes?!

"Erm Harry, I may I ask, where are we going for lunch?" I laughed nervously.

"Well, I'll just text you the address, of my house, and I'll drive us to lunch.. I'll see you soon. Bye!"

"Bye Harry!" I smiled. 

I ran down the stairs,

"Okay mum, I'm going now!"

"By sweetheart, have a good time!"

I walked out the door, and went into my car. I sighed. This is gonna be amazing. 

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