Waiting for You

Amanda and Skyler get the chance of a lifetime when they are personally invited to go on tour with their favorite band, One Direction. As relationships develop, secrets are revealed, and it starts to become unclear what will unfold. But the only thing the girls know for sure is that with these boys, love is always an option.
Co-written by Heather Tomlinson and Emily M. Horan, author of More Than One Direction, and the sequel, Choosing One Direction.


47. Weakening

I sit on the floor in a pile as my head gets light and my blood slowly releases itself.
I lay my head against the wall and close my eyes, waiting to pass out.
When I hear a soft click, my eyes open slowly and I see the soft image of Louis walking into the bathroom.
He doesn't see me at first, but when he turns to see me on the floor, he jumps in shock.
When he sees my wrist, his eyes fill with fear, and a small, painful moan escapes his lips.
He shuts the door behind him, and sinks beside me.
Without breaking eye contact with me, he reaches out to grab a handful of toilet paper.
He presses it on the wound, only breaking eye contact to check the pressure.
He looks so sad, constantly looking back and forth between my wrist and my face. But no questioning is in his eyes, so I ask my own.
"Why are you doing this?"
He remains silent, wrapping the toilet paper tight.
He leaves for a moment, and returns with a bandage that he wraps himself.
He looks back at me when he finishes dressing the wound.
I give him a weak smile.
"I saw them together," I mutter, tears finally rolling down my face.
"Who," he says emotionlessly.
"You know," I say before crawling over to him.
He looks shocked and confused, but grabs my shoulders and holds me in his arms.
He rocks me slowly, back and forth, and I let my eyelids sink shut.
He hums softly, in a way that I don't think he means to.
The peace of it all makes me forget why I'm on the floor of a bathroom, blade in hand, growing more weak, my wrist wrapped in bandage and toilet paper, the scene of Niall and Marie playing over in my head.

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