Waiting for You

Amanda and Skyler get the chance of a lifetime when they are personally invited to go on tour with their favorite band, One Direction. As relationships develop, secrets are revealed, and it starts to become unclear what will unfold. But the only thing the girls know for sure is that with these boys, love is always an option.
Co-written by Heather Tomlinson and Emily M. Horan, author of More Than One Direction, and the sequel, Choosing One Direction.


36. Throwing Punches

I try my best to fall asleep, but find it nearly impossible.
I close my eyes, and when Skyler checks to see if I'm awake, I pretend to be asleep.
"So," Paul's voice says, "can we leave now boys? She's okay."
"I don't want to leave her," Niall's voice says.
"Liam, Zayn, Harry, go wait in the bus. We'll leave soon," Paul says.
"I love you baby," Harry's voice says.
"I love you too," Skyler's voice says, "I have to wait here."
"I know," Harry says, before I hear them kiss.
Then I hear footsteps leaving the room.
"Skyler," Paul says, "would you mind walking the boys outside?"
More footsteps.
"Boys," Paul starts, "you need to pull it together. We cannot do a tour with only three fifths of you guys. You need to pull yourselves together. The doctor said she'll be fine. So we can go."
"Okay," Niall agrees, then I feel a kiss on my forehead and hear more footsteps.
"I can't leave, Paul, I can't."
"I know you feel responsible for what happened-"
"I am responsible. I should've told her the truth."
"Listen, we need to go. Think of your fans, think of your career. She is just a girl."
"And let's be honest Louis, guy to guy, you could do a hell of a lot better than her."
A hard sound.
Like bone on bone.
Like the sound of a fist hitting a face.
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