Waiting for You

Amanda and Skyler get the chance of a lifetime when they are personally invited to go on tour with their favorite band, One Direction. As relationships develop, secrets are revealed, and it starts to become unclear what will unfold. But the only thing the girls know for sure is that with these boys, love is always an option.
Co-written by Heather Tomlinson and Emily M. Horan, author of More Than One Direction, and the sequel, Choosing One Direction.


13. The Reason

When Paul leaves, everyone turns their eyes on me.
What do they expect from me?
"Can I talk to you privately Mandy?" Skyler asks me.
I nod my head and follow her up the stairs. I really want to hear what Louis has to say about this.
When we get up to Skyler's room, she starts undressing while she blabs on.
"I can't believe this...How is this gonna work...You love Niall dammit...But Louis loves you...The tour's coming up..."
"Sky, calm down," I say, helping her put away her clothes.
"I can't Mandy! What are we going to do?"
"What choice do we have? We have to go on with it!"
"But Louis likes you!"
"Skyler, you don't know that."
"I know...but I really wish he did."
"Yeah well he's stuck with me now. And it's all his damn fault."
Then I remember- the tweet. About how he feels about someone. Oh no. He likes someone and I have to date him publicly. Now I feel awful. As upset as I am at him for starting this, I'm sure he doesn't want the girl he likes to think he's into hideous me. This poor guy doesn't get a break.
Once Skyler is finished putting on her pajamas, she heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth.
I head to the stairs to eavesdrop on Louis and Harry.
"So are you really going to go through with this?"
"Yeah, it sucks though."
"You know why, Harry. She hates me already."
"Well maybe this will convince her."
"I don't know..."
So the girl he likes doesn't like him. And he thinks fake dating me will make her want him? Is that what this whole thing is about? He's going to ruin my friendship with Niall because he wants to play hard to get? That's just messed up.
I storm upstairs and throw the first thing I find in my room against the wall.
I throw myself on the bed. When I finally calm down, I go over and pick up whatever I threw.
It's a framed photo of Niall and me from the first day we were together. Parasailing.
His one arm is wrapped around my waist as he snaps the photo. I'm looking up at his beautiful blue eyes and smiling. I just want him so bad.
I put the frame back where it belongs. I'm surprised it's not broken.
I get my phone out and call Niall.
No answer. I try again- still nothing.
I leave a voicemail.
"Hey Niallers, it's me. Text me when you get this."
After I hang up, I hear a knock at the door, followed by a voice.
"Can I come in?"
It's Louis.
"Yeah," I say, sitting back on my bed.
He comes in and closes the door behind him, then silently sits himself at the foot of my bed.
"So," he says simply.
"I don't know."
"I don't know either Lou. Because of you, I can't hang out with Niall anymore."
"Well I'm sorry I'm such a burden on your relationship!"
"He's just my friend!"
"Oh trust me, I know!"
"What, do you have a problem with that?"
"Maybe I-" he stops yelling, hesitates, then continues, "No, no I don't. But you're not the only one affected here."
"I guess not. But at least I'm not in this to try to make some girl jealous or something."
"Is that why you think I did this?"
"Isn't it?"
"No, Amanda, I did this because-" he hesitates again, "I don't know; I thought it was the right thing."
"Well you thought wrong."
"I guess so. But we can't change it now Amanda. We just have to go with it."
"I know...I know."
"We need to hang out more."
"And talk a lot."
"And be seen in public."
"And kiss."
He turns bright red, which must be from discomfort.
"We have to Amanda."
I nod my head then drop my eyes. All I can think is- poor Louis.
"Might as well practice," he says.
I look up at him to see his eyes staring back at me.
He scoots a little closer on the bed. He reaches his hand up slowly and pushes a piece of hair behind my ear. He places his hand on the bed beside me.
I feel nauseous.
He leans towards me and closes his eyes. I close mine too and ever-so-slightly bend forward.
I feel nauseous.
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