Waiting for You

Amanda and Skyler get the chance of a lifetime when they are personally invited to go on tour with their favorite band, One Direction. As relationships develop, secrets are revealed, and it starts to become unclear what will unfold. But the only thing the girls know for sure is that with these boys, love is always an option.
Co-written by Heather Tomlinson and Emily M. Horan, author of More Than One Direction, and the sequel, Choosing One Direction.


10. Still A Nobody

The next few weeks we hang out with the boys a lot. Harry and Skyler get closer and closer, and they have their first kiss. He even invites her to go on their next tour with them, but she agrees to go only if I get to as well.
Niall and I get pretty close, and I fall deeper and deeper into my emotions for him. He's actually really sweet, although it was hard to see the first date. He's really funny too, and his appetite for food is just as big as his appetite for life. He's just a blast to be with.
The second time we hang out, we go parasailing. The third, we go to a dancing club. We share a lot with each other, except one thing- relationships.
I don't really have a long list of relationships. I had a few "boyfriends" when I was really young, but nothing serious. In high school, I had a few crushes but none of them really developed into anything. I just never found the right one. But Niall, he seems like he could be.
Except for one thing- I'm ugly and he's probably the most beautiful creature that has ever lived on this planet. 
But our friendship is okay. I'm  just afraid what will happen if more feelings develop.
The fourth time we hang out, he keeps it a surprise.
He texts me on a Saturday.

Nialler: Hey Mandy, be ready in 20 mins. We've got plans.

I text him back.

Like what?

Nialler: it's a surprise ;)

Oh gosh Niall, just tell me.

Nialler: nope, you'll see soon ;)

I sigh, and get ready as quickly as possible. Skyler is out with Harry, so I have to find a cute casual outfit alone, deciding on jeans, short gray fuzzy boots, and a burgundy knit sweater.
After I do my hair and make up, I hear a knock at the door.
I rush downstairs, opening the door to the always gorgeous Niall Horan, dressed in tight dark blue jeans, with a gray polo. His hair is a mess on top of his head, which just makes him look even more adorable.
I try not to drool too much as I follow him to his car. 
We drive for a while, until I start to see bright lights surrounding us. I look out the window to see a huge carnival, with a ferris wheel, and games, and food carts, and bumper cars.
"Ohmygosh Niall! This is amazing."
"Thought you'd like it."
"Dude, I love it!"
I can't believe I just said dude. I am too far beyond the border of friend zone.
"We just gotta find a place to park."
"Hope you don't mind, I think Zayn and Liam are coming too. I didn't want it to be too couply."
"Oh yeah, I understand."
Then it hits me.
"No Louis?"
He raises one eyebrow at me.
"Perhaps, why?"
"No reason," I say, looking out the window.
I do miss Louis a little. But now I've got this great friendship with Niall.
After we park, we walk around the carnival for a little bit. We stop by the food stand, and I buy myself a soda while Niall buys nachos, two hot dogs, and an ice cream.
As he eats, I look around the place. A lot of people are staring.
I think of how fans always jump to conclusions whenever things go on like this. I was one of them.
Now I'm really anxious for the boys to show up.
My prayers are answered when the boys arrive when Niall is nearly finished eating.
Zayn sits next to Niall and Liam next to me, and as they get in a discussion about which rides to go on first, I can't help but notice Louis dragging behind them.
"We had to practically drag him here," Zayn whispers to Niall.
"Yeah Amanda," Liam says to me, "What'd you do to him?"
"What do you mean?"
"Once he heard you were coming, he was all depressed and didn't want to come."
My heart sinks. Of course.
Typical me; can't even hold a guy down as a friend.
I remember that everytime Louis has spent time with me has been out of force, and this time is no different. Poor guy always gets stuck with me.
Just as I'm about to say something to Liam, Louis appears by my side.
"Hey," he says simply, not exactly in my direction.
"Hey," I mutter down towards the table,  not wanting him to feel any obligation in a conversation with me.
"Let's do some rides!" Zayn yells suddenly, and he, Liam, and Niall, all bound out of their seats and run to the nearest ride. The ferris wheel.
We wait in line for a little bit, and when we finally board the ride, I sit next to Niall while Liam, Zayn, and Louis sit on the other side.
Niall and I just talk like we normally do, about basically everything, while Liam and Zayn talk and Louis mopes.
We slowly ascend the ride until we reach the very top, then we stop.
"Attention all riders of the ferris wheel this evening," a loud booming voice declares, "Due to a mechanical difficulty, the wheel has been temporarily halted. We apologize for the inconvenience."
The boys erupt into laughter, and I look at them with a confused expression.
"I can see it now," Zayn says through laughter, "1D doomed to one death?"
"Styles gone solo after catastrophic carnival," Liam says.
"Circle of fun brings the end to circle of life for hot boy band members," Niall joins in.
I giggle a little, although I am a little frightened.
Louis notices my frightened expression and gently touches my leg, saying, "It's okay Amanda."
The boys notice him do this, and soon see how scared I am.
Niall puts his arm around me, then Louis's hand snaps back.
"Let's play a game. Okay, love?" Niall asks.
I nod my head in reply.
"How about truth or dare?" Zayn suggests.
"What kind of dares can we do up here?" asks Liam.
"Well then, just truths," Niall says, "Same rules, except it's only truths."
Everyone seems to be in agreement so we start.
After about 20 minutes of playing, I learn that Zayn hates cockroaches, Liam would rather beat up a friend then cheat on a girl, Louis loves girls with a loud laugh, and Niall could never pick his favorite dessert.
Then it comes to me.
Zayn looks me in the eyes, pauses for a second then nods his head when he thinks of something.
"What was your first time like?"
I look down nervously. Of course they would ask this question.
It would be typical for any college-aged girl to have had at least a first time. But not me. My v-card is still fully intact.
"Uhm, I...uhm-well, I..."
"Wait, Mandy," Niall says, "Have you never-"
I nod my head in agreement.
"Whoa, Niall, you're not the only one!" Liam yells.
Before I can say anything, I hear some shouts coming from below us.
"Did he just say Niall?"
"Like Niall Horan?"
"OMG is Niall up there?"
"He's with Zayn!"
"I see Liam up there too!"
"And Louis!"
"Wait, who's that girl?"
"Who cares?"
"I wanna know! Is it one of their girlfriends?"
"It's some girl!"
"Who is she?"
"I don't know, she's ugly though!"
Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall all try to crouch down in their seats, but finally give up and start waving below us unenthusiastically.
None of them notice the hurt look on my face, until Louis taps my leg lightly.
I look up.
"Don't listen to them, okay? They're just jealous. They used to say the same about Eleanor."
I nod my head, but the only thing that makes me feel any better is that he cares enough to say it.
Sure, they said it about Eleanor. But Eleanor's beautiful. I really am ugly.
"No you're not," Louis says.
Wait, I was thinking that. Oh gosh, did I say that out loud? Crap.
I just shake my head at him, not wanting to take the conversation any further.
Niall looks at me.
"You okay, Mandy?"
I nod my head, but he sees right through it and wraps his arm around me again and pulls me closer to him.
"It's okay," he says.
"He has his arm around her!"
"Who does?"
"They're cuddling up!"
"You can do better Niall!"
I take Niall's arm off my shoulder and place it in his lap. I don't want to hear this anymore. I just want to go home.
I shut out the continuing shouts from the nearby fans and concentrate on the people walking around on the ground.
They're so tiny. And there's so many of them. They have no faces to me, only little figures going around. None have any significance to the world around them. They are all just passing figures.
That's me, just another face. A nobody. No significance. Did I really think being friends with One Direction would change that? 
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