Waiting for You

Amanda and Skyler get the chance of a lifetime when they are personally invited to go on tour with their favorite band, One Direction. As relationships develop, secrets are revealed, and it starts to become unclear what will unfold. But the only thing the girls know for sure is that with these boys, love is always an option.
Co-written by Heather Tomlinson and Emily M. Horan, author of More Than One Direction, and the sequel, Choosing One Direction.


9. Spark of Courage

When we get downstairs, the awkwardness from before continues, as Harry escorts Skyler out to the car and I'm stuck walking a few feet from Niall.
We get in the car, Skyler and Harry in the front seats, and Niall and I in the back seat. He stares out the window, not even attempting to make conversation with me.
Skyler notices, so she strikes up a conversation with me about Glee while Harry drives and gives her occasional longing stares. 
I can't help but to still feel awkward, so when we arrive at the restaurant, I ask Skyler to go to the bathroom with me while the boys find us a table.
She notices that something is wrong, so she questions me as soon as we get into the bathroom.
"What's the matter Mandy?"
"I heard Harry and Niall talking earlier..."
"Yeah, what did they say?"
"Niall was complaining about going out with me. He said he deserves to be with a model. He said he's interested in some actress chick."
"That's awful. What a jerk! He doesn't even know you."
"That's what Harry was saying."
"Awh, he's so sweet, isn't he?"
I give her a look, like I really don't need to hear how perfect her boyfriend is.
"Sorry," she says, "Well let's just see how the night goes. You guys really hit it off the first time you met, just try again."
"You're right," I reply, then taking a deep breath, "Let's try this."
We walk back and find our table.
Harry tells us he already ordered our drinks, so we sit and look at our menus.
I try to talk to Niall, but whenever I do he acts very uninterested and doesn't give lengthy answers to any of my questions.
We eventually order the food, and we all enjoy the meal. Harry mostly talks to Niall while Skyler and I enjoy our girly chatter. The night isn't going too bad, despite Niall's obvious plea to leave.
Skyler eventually gets a call from her mother, so she steps outside to answer it. Niall leaves for the bathroom.
When he leaves, Harry turns to me, "So I know this evening isn't what you pictured."
"Not exactly," I say scoffingly.
"Well I apologize. I know you care for him; and I know it would make Skyler happy to see you happy, so I tried to do this."
"Well I appreciate that. But I really don't know what I expected."
"What do you mean?"
"Look at me Harry, I'm no model. Just an average American girl, not an actress."
"So you heard us talking earlier?"
"Unfortunately, but that's okay. Honestly, he's right. He's way too good for me. At least Skyler is a beautiful American girl. She can land a guy like you. I couldn't get one of you in my dreams."
I look down at my hands, embarrassed that I've exposed my insecurity to Harry. But at least he seems trustworthy enough. He even defended me to Niall earlier.
"Listen Amanda, you seem to think you're below us. But I happen to know that's not true at all. I happen to know that you very well could have a guy like me-"
Before I can ask what Harry means, I see Niall walk around me towards his chair.
Harry gives Niall a nod then looks back at me, apparent frustration on his face. I feel bad for having upset him, or maybe he just really wanted to share with me whatever he had to say.
Skyler appears soon after, and we finish our meal and leave.
The drive home is pretty similar to the drive to the restaurant- awkwardly quiet.
When we almost reach home, I feel my phone vibrate.
A text message.

Marie: Guess who landed an audition  near her two best friends?

I smile immediately, and read it over to make sure I read it right.
"Sky, guess who just texted me?"
"WHAT?" she screams, "And she didn't text me?"
"Who's Marie love?" Harry asks Skyler.
"Our other best friend, remember the one we told you about? That went to a different college than us?"
"Oh right, I remember now."
"What'd she say?" Skyler asks me.
"She says she has an audition near us."
"No way, does that mean we'll get to see her?"
I text Marie instantly to find out all the details of her visit.
Soon, we arrive at our house. Harry asks Niall to walk me to the door so him and Skyler can have some privacy.
We walk silently, then when we reach the door, Niall lets out a sigh.
"I'm sorry Amanda."
"For what?"
"For a very boring night. I've just been going through a rough time lately."
"I'm sorry Niall. Well, I hope whatever it is that it gets better."
"You're not going to ask what it is?"
"No..." I'm confused, "Should I?"
"I don't know, I feel like most people would."
"Well I'm not most people then I guess."
He smirks, "Guess not."
"Well, thanks for the apology. Good night."
"Good night," he says, then I start to walk inside.
"Wait," he says. I turn around.
He leans forward and plants a kiss on my cheek. My heart feels ready to explode.
"I owe you that at least."
I smile, then give a quick nod.
"Thanks," I say, but before I get inside again he grabs my arm.
I turn around.
"Can we be friends?"
"You seem like the type of person I want to be friends with."
"Well, gee-"
"You know what I mean. I just, I really need a friend right now."
"But what about the other bo-"
"A girl friend."
"Well Niall Horan, a bad date paired with an awkward friendship. How ideal."
"All right, fine, we won't be friends."
"Now who said I wanted that?" I ask, then take a pen out of my purse and write my number on his hand.
I then walk inside, closing the door behind me.
I lean against the closed door and close my eyes.
I don't know where that courage came from, but I hope I see it again soon.
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