Waiting for You

Amanda and Skyler get the chance of a lifetime when they are personally invited to go on tour with their favorite band, One Direction. As relationships develop, secrets are revealed, and it starts to become unclear what will unfold. But the only thing the girls know for sure is that with these boys, love is always an option.
Co-written by Heather Tomlinson and Emily M. Horan, author of More Than One Direction, and the sequel, Choosing One Direction.


5. Crazy

That Friday, Skyler and I spend the whole day planning for her big date. We pick out the perfect outfit, straighten her hair, and do her make up as if she's about to attend a red carpet event. We know this date means a lot, it's a second chance to really get to know Harry Styles. I'm extremely excited for her, and I smile from ear to ear when Harry picks her up that evening.
Exhausted from the day's planning, I dress in my comfiest bum clothes, pajama pants and an extra large T-shirt, and settle on the couch to watch some television.
I make myself some popcorn and really enjoy the time to myself.
About ten minutes after Skyler's departure, I hear a knock at the door.
I brush all the popcorn crumbs off my lap and answer the door.
Standing before me is a dark haired, blue-eyed English beauty, smiling as if he's won the lottery.
And I'm standing there in my pajama pants.
"Uh, hey Louis..." I hear myself say, though I feel as if I'm not even there.
"Hey Amanda," he says, still smiling, "I know this is a surprise and all, but I was wondering, since Harry and Skyler are on their date, maybe you'd want to hang out?"
I'm utterly confused why he'd want to hang out with me. Little old me. Doesn't he have celebrity friends he can hang out with? And what about the other boys?
"What about the other boys?" is all I think to say.
His smile fades as he clears his throat, "Well, uh, they're all busy."
"Oh...so you're gonna hang with me instead?"
He perks up a little, before nudging past me to get inside, "Yeah!"
Before I can even make it back to the couch, I notice Louis opening something he's brought and placing it in the DVD player. When he's done, he sits on the couch beside me, taking the popcorn bowl and placing it between us.
I look over at the screen to see what movie he's put in. Titanic. My favorite movie.
"This is your favorite, right?"
"Yeah, how did you kn-"
"You told me, remember?"
I nod my head slowly, in shock over what I just discovered. He cares enough to remember something like that...No, he's just being nice. He's obviously bored because all the boys are busy.
I don't mind though; it's just nice to be hanging out with someone. Especially when he's so sweet. And cute. And talented. And a member of One Direction that I should just give up on because he's famous and isn't interested in me. Besides, Niall's my favorite. Maybe hanging out with Louis will give me a chance to see Niall again.
By the time my thoughts quiet down, I notice the movie is almost done.
I turn to Louis, who's fallen asleep with his head in the popcorn bowl.
I giggle a little, as I gently lift his head out of the bowl. It lands in my lap, startling Louis to wake up.
"I'm sorry," I whisper to him, "I didn't mean to wake you up."
"It's all right," he says as he rubs his eyes, "I should probably get going anyway."
"Yeah," I say as I turn my head.
Louis's face is very close to mine, and he's staring at me.
"Goodnight Amanda," he whispers softly, moving his face closer to mine.
"Goodnight," I reply, looking down at his lips, which are about an inch from mine.
His face moves closer, until we both hear a sudden noise.
We turn to see Skyler and Harry standing in the doorway, looking at us with jaws wide open.
Now Skyler's really gonna go crazy.
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