I love you

Sierra and her best friend kaliegh get two plane tickets to london and when they get there they think its gonna be terrible because of the weather. But something changes there mind.


1. The summer trip

" kaliegh did daddy buy the plane tickets yet?" i asked quickly packing my suitcase. She nodded her head in a way that i thought ment " how do you think i know!" i shut my bag and run down the stairs yelling dads name. I looked everywhere for him, so i went to the kitchen trying to find a note that he normally writes so i know where he went. I gazed onto the counter and found a note that said.... " i hope you have fun in London with kaliegh, me and your mother went to my moms house for the weekend so behave. Oh and your tickets are hanging on the front door." i took in a gasp of fresh air and got rid of the thoughts of daddy forgeting to buy the tickets. " did you find the tickets?" yelled kaliegh running down the stairs. "Yeah they are on the door, are you ready we need to leave or we will be late!?" she nodded and yanked the tickets from the door and walked out to my car. I quickly ran through the house making sure that everything was turned off and the doors were locked. Kaliegh had already packed our things and cranked up the car. " Hurry up!" she screamed i walked out the door slowly just to get on her nerves. In my head i was thinking " I'm surprised that daddy let me go on this vacation for my 18 birthday anyways." When i sat in the car i turned the radioon and we jammed out to one direction the whole way to the airport. Kaliegh and I ran inside and quickly hopped on the plane and took our seats. It took forever to get to london. But when we got there we were so excites until, i got off and it was snowing! " are you serious!" i said. We sadly took a cab to our hotel and made ourself at home. " i thought this vacation was supposed to be fun!" kaliegh said with a dissapointed look.
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