I love you

Sierra and her best friend kaliegh get two plane tickets to london and when they get there they think its gonna be terrible because of the weather. But something changes there mind.


2. The big surprise

I walked outside and saw a limo and a bunch of photographers, " umm kaliegh i've got a surprise for you." kaliegh walked out and stood beside me. We quietly stood there as five boys walk out of the limo. Kaliegh faints and lands on the ground while i just stand their in shock. " excuse me love but is she alright?" said a guy standing next to me looking down at kaliegh. I snap out of the trance and go.... " arn't you zayn from one direction?" he smiles and nods his head yes. " do me a favor, pick her up and take her to our hotel room and then have somebody pick me up because there is louis!" at that moment i start to fall onto the ground and then louis quickly grabs me and carries me to my bed. A few minutes later i wake up to see Louis standing over me smiling. " are you okay love? You took quite a fall." said louis looking concerned. I scream because Louis William Tomlinson talked to me! He smiled and asked me out for coffee. " Since i kinda made you faint i thought it would be nice, also Zayn and your friend are coming along hopefully." he said looking at his feet. Later that night he came by the room we stayed in. "oh my god sierra i cant believe that we are going for coffee with them at 9 o clock haha!"louis walked over to me and grabbed my hand dragging me out the door. Zayn came out behind me carrying kaliegh.
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