More Than This

(One Derection is not not famous in this fan fiction) Niall meets a girl at Nando's. (His favirote restaraunt.) Everything about them is perfect. They have a lot in common and she is really pretty. Sarah likes Niall too, exept Jerrick, her boyfriend, hates Niall. He won't let Sarah see Niall. Will Niall get his girl? Or will Sarah stay with Jerrick?


1. girl of my dreams :D

Niall's P.O.V. Another typical Saturday. After work, I went to Nando's, and Barry, the manager, made me chicken wings and a pint of beer to wash it down. He never charged me. I was like a son to him. Me and his son Jacob, used to be best friends. Until Jacob sadly passed away to cancer. I teared up thinking of him. I finished my beer, then I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. Green eyes, brown wavy hair, short height, and tiny waist. The girl sure ate though. she was tearing through her meal. She looked lonely though. I walked over and said, Hi. I sat down and asked if the seat was taken. She was shy. When she said I could join her, she said yes in a quiet voice. She seemed sad. "What's wrong, love?" I asked. "My boyfriend." She said. "Sorry to hear. What's your name? Mine's Niall. "Hannah." she said. 

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