I Wish

This is my first Movella and I don't really know what the story will be about I just started writing, seeing where my thoughts took me.


1. Scavenger Hunt

Sarah's POV:

It was Saturday morning around 10:00 am and I wake up to the sound of my mom,  dad, and best friend Tori singing Happy Birthday to me. I always hated my birthday because my parents always got me some lame gift and threw a really lame party. I don't know why but this birthday seemed like it would be different. I sit up in bed to see they have brought in a birthday cake with 20 candles on it. ( My parents always put an extra one on for good luck!)  As they finish the song I blow out the candles and make a wish, hoping that it comes true!
My mom, dad, and Tori leave the room so I can get dressed. I change into a maroon Abercrombie t-shirt, light blue jean shorts, and my new sparkly Sperry's!  When I walk out of my room they are all sitting around the kitchen table talking. When I get to the table they all greet me. We sit there for a little talking and eating delicious cake when my mom decides it's present time!  My dad hands me an envelope and says "Happy Birthday Princess!" "Wait!! Let me get my phone so I can record this!" my mom says as she quickly runs and gets her phone from its charger. As soon as she comes back I start to open it. I look inside the envelope and all that is in there is a little orange sticky note that says: Don't be disappointed, this isn't all you get! If you want your next clue, then check your pet!  I run over to my dog Noodles and find another sticky note taped to his collar. This one read: When you're sick and in bed don't forget to take your meds!  After reading that clue I had to stop and think about what it meant by "...don't forget to take your meds!"  I stood there for about 3 mins until I walked out of the kitchen into the bathroom where the medicine cabinet was. I open up the cabinet and find another orange sticky note stuck to a bottle of Advil. This one said: Instead of running around trying to find your next clue, why don't you just look at the bottom of your shoe!  I take off my right shoe and look at the bottom of it. Nothing. I take my off my left shoe and there was the last clue, it said: One word-PILLOW!  I run into my room, throw my covers off my bed, and look under my pillow. All that was there was a single envelope. I open it up to find 2 One Direction tickets and backstage passes!! "OH MY GOD!!" I screamed. I started jumping up and down starting to cry tears of joy. "So which friend are you going to take with you?" my mom asked looking over to Tori and smiling.

Tori's POV:

"YOU!" Sarah said smiling and pointing at me.  I run over to her and almost knock her over by hugging her.  "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" I said excitedly.  "Hahaha your welcome! But you have to promise me one thing!" she said.  "What's that?"  "I get dibs on Louis!!" "Haha of course! I like Harry better anyways!" I say.  Her parents leave the room and Sarah and I start planning out how the concert day is gonna go since it's only in 2 days!!  After about an hour of planning, we finally decide to go get some lunch and then go shopping!  We go to Nandos for lunch and then head to the mall to do some shopping for the concert.  At the mall I got a pair of black jean shorts from Hollister, a white 1D shirt, and some new make-up.  Sarah also got a 1D shirt but hers was black and got a pair of white jean shorts from Hollister to match.  When we got back home from shopping we decided to go straight to bed.  The next day we wake up and it is just a normal day.  Nothing but hanging at home and watching movies all day! When we went to bed that night I couldn't fall asleep because I was too excited for tomorrow. After 2 hours i finally fall asleep.
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