My Tears, Your Shoulders

Madison is a twin to her brother Thomas, The day before there 18th birthday he unexpectedly passes away. She struggles to go in life without him, until she meets the love of her life.

In real life my twin brother is very very much alive,I am grateful for that every day of my life.


10. What are these?

Niall's P.O.V

I just got dressed and it was almost time to go to the arena to perform.

"Niall, would you come here quick?" I hear Maddie say through the door to the bathroom. The boys hoot and holler thinking this would turn into an extended chapter of 50 shades of grey. I open the door to see her sillouette through the glass door to the shower.

"I don't have any clothes for the concert" she said while shutting off the shower. I forgot she would need clothes for the concert. I thought for a bit about it.

"We can go shopping- well you can go and I'll give you the money and I'll call a cab and when you are done I'll have them drop you at the concert." I heard her gasp. She stepped out of the shower with her towel wrapped around her body. She gave me the biggest hug I've ever received.

"For now, so you can shop I'll grab  some of mine" She nodded and said okay as I walked out of the bathroom. I turned for a quick second and saw something on her arm, I don't think anything of it, maybe it's a tattoo.

"Nialler is in love" I hear the boys mock at me, I grab clothes for Maddie and decide to tell them the truth.

"Yes, I am in love. I'm in love with the most beautiful woman on earth. I'm in love with my future wife. I'm in love with the mother of my future children. I'm in love with the future Mrs.Maddie Horan" The boys mouth's gaped open with the news of my fondness, I turn around and open up the bathroom door. There she stood in her towel tighly wrapped on her body.

"Yes, I'm in love. I'm in love with the most handsome man on earth. I'm in love with my future husband. I'm in love with the father of my future children. I'm in love with Mr.Niall Horan" I think she heard my speech, she walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me and her lips gently pressed against mine. I handed her the sweatpants and shirt I had picked out for her.

Maddie put on the outfit and still looked beautiful.

"Whenever you want to leave I'll call the car." Maddie nodded and a tear fell down her cheek, all the boys noticed.

"You're brother is happy up there, Don't be sad about it love." Liam said softly. I'm confused about what had happened.

"Maddie, What's your full name?" I asked to see if I knew the story already.

"Madison Finnegan" I knew her story an I knew it well, we all did. We all knew her brother, Tommy, got hit by a semi-truck after proposing to his long-term girlfriend. I didn't know it was her, I didn't know she was the twin that suffere through all this time. I grabbed her hand and look at her arm, cutting scars.


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