My Tears, Your Shoulders

Madison is a twin to her brother Thomas, The day before there 18th birthday he unexpectedly passes away. She struggles to go in life without him, until she meets the love of her life.

In real life my twin brother is very very much alive,I am grateful for that every day of my life.


6. Weeks past

Maddie's P.O.V

It has been a few weeks since the funeral. Nothing much has happened since. Jenna has been staying with my mother and she intends to do so until the baby is born.

"Maddie, are you awake?" I hear Emma scream while rushing through my bedroom door.

"The concert is tonight, WAKE UP" I groaned and got up out of bed. I walked into my bathroom and looked at my wrists, still scarred. I slip into the shower and go get some food.

"Good morning sweetie" My mom says while pressing a kiss upon my forehead.

"You excited?" Emma questions me. Of course I'm excited but the pain still shows on the outside.Jenna sneaks own the staircase.

"Morning" Jenna said, her stomach getting bigger. I still can't believe one of my best friends is pregnant with my niece/nephew.

"How are you feeling?" My family is shocked by hearing my voice.

"I'm feeling okay" she replied while holding her stomach. I walked over to fell the baby kicking. Once I touched her stomache a vision appeared, I jumped back.

"What's wrong Maddie?" Emma inquired. I looked Jenna in the eyes and grabbed her hands.

"They look just like us"

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