My Tears, Your Shoulders

Madison is a twin to her brother Thomas, The day before there 18th birthday he unexpectedly passes away. She struggles to go in life without him, until she meets the love of her life.

In real life my twin brother is very very much alive,I am grateful for that every day of my life.


16. The show.

Maddie's P.O.V

The questioning was fun, but now it's soon time for the boys to perform. My phone started to ring, it's Emma.

"Maddie, I'm here *shhcrr* in the *scrrrr* dience" I hung up and went onto stage. BIG MISTAKE. The arena was filled with hormone enraged teenage girls. Screams filled the arena, my face shown on the big monitors. Stage crew enters with an acoustic guitar. I stare down at the beautiful piece of art. I look up and step toward the microphone. I take a deep breath, Niall notices me and his face goes red. He walks on stage.

"What are you doing?" He whispers into my ear.

"I don't know I thought no one was here yet and I came out to get Emma and" I rushed out of my mouth.

"Do you play guitar?" I nodded. Niall got a glisten in his eyes, he went to grab a guitar. He walked passed me and whispered "Wonder wall?" I nodded. Niall stepped to the microphone. "Hello girls, here is a once in a lifetime chance for you guys to watch" Girls scream at the top of their lungs.

"I'm going to need some help from my lads and a lucky lass, but I have my lassie up here" I stood in question at why he would say lass, And I then remembered that I'm up here. The boys fill the stage and girls scream louder then ever. I stare at Niall, he nods. We start strumming the first chord of oasis' song. I spot Emma.

"Maddie, Attack the chorus" Zayn yells, my face goes red as I shake my head at twenty kph. The boy s drop out. I look into the crowd and I find Emma, I breathe and stare at her the whole time, she's the only one in this whole arena that has heard me sing. I breathe in and out.

"Because maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, you're my wonder wall" The lyrics leave my mouth like a baby bird leaving the nest for the first time. I started to question my singing. I held wonder wall like Christina Aguilara. I sing background for the rest of the song with Zayn. The song finishes and shouts erupt from the crowd. I give my guitar to Harry and walk to Niall.

"I'm going to find Emma in the crowd" He nods and points to the two empty chair in the front and I nod. I walk down the stage. With the help of the security I find Emma.

"Emma" I shout once I see her. She runs down the aisle and hugs me tighter than ever before. I smile.

"Follow me" I say to her and she nods. We walk down to the chairs in the front of the arena by the stage.

"Did you plan singing?" Emma asked very loudly so I could hear. I shook my head. I smiled when Niall looked to see if we were here. Emma looked in awe as Harry made his round to check up on us. Emma still in a fan-girl gaze stares at me like I'm imaginary.

After a few songs I start getting the chills, I stick through the concert and run to the bathroom.

"Maddie?" I hear Emma yell. I make a moaning sound to indicate my general area. Emma burst through the stall to see me kneeling on the floor, head in the toilet.

"Maddie, let's go find some help" She says worriedly. We walk out of the bathroom and cameras flash in every direction. One flash: blurred vision. Two flashes: No vision at all. Third flash: All senses are down.

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