My Tears, Your Shoulders

Madison is a twin to her brother Thomas, The day before there 18th birthday he unexpectedly passes away. She struggles to go in life without him, until she meets the love of her life.

In real life my twin brother is very very much alive,I am grateful for that every day of my life.


9. showered

Maddie's P.O.V

"Why are you crying, love?" Liam sing-songed in a soothing hum. I choked back tears and tried to think of the words.

"My brother, would be so happy" He looked at me strangely. "Last month, there was a horrible accident and my twin broth-" I had to stop talking because of the streaming tears down my cheeks. He understood what I was getting across, but I told him the rest anyway.

"He died and we always talked about meeting you guys" I started chuckling a bit "and how I'd meet my Mullingar prince and I'd be his princess that has been long awaited." Liam smiled, I saw a tear stream down his face. He paused as if to say something but then Harry spoke up.

"You're brother was lucky to have a twin as beautiful as you" I blushed and stared into his green eyes and looked at his curls, the shower stopped.

"I NEED A TOWEL!" Niall screeched. I laughed.

"What's your name, love?" Louis asked. "Maddie" I replied softly. "Maddie's got one, un-lock the door" I snickered but I quickly turned red. I took the towel out of Zayn's hand. I knocked on the door expecting him to reach his hand out of the crack in the door but instead he said

"Come in" I placed my hand on the knob and opened the door. He already had a towel.

"Go take a shower love, it's the only way you would take one" He chuckled, but he was right. I waited until he left the bathroom and stripped to go in to the shower.

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