My Tears, Your Shoulders

Madison is a twin to her brother Thomas, The day before there 18th birthday he unexpectedly passes away. She struggles to go in life without him, until she meets the love of her life.

In real life my twin brother is very very much alive,I am grateful for that every day of my life.


15. questions

Maddie's P.O.V

A girl with red hair started asking questions first.

"Are you guys dating?" she asked with an excited tone in her voice. I looked to Niall and he decided to answer this one.

"Well, it depends." He walked over to me. He looked right into my eyes.

"Maddie whats your real name?" I chuckle

"Madison Lucille Finnegan" A few gasps from the audience errupted.

"Madison Lucille Finnegan will you do me the honors and be my girlfriend" I smile the biggest smile and before our first public kiss I whisper into his lips 'yes'. Bursts of 'awe' come from girls and then we here flashing of cameras. The arena got super loud a Lux started to cry.

"Okay, Lux say bye to Harry" Lux pouted a bit but stopped once we left the loud auditorium. I walked bak to the room where Lou was.

"Hi Lou" Lou looked and saw Lux's puffy eyes "Lux is tired I think" Lou took her and put her down for a bit. I decided to call Emma.

"Hi Emma" Emma huffed

"Where are you?" She sounded mad, I decided let's make her a bit more mad.

"I'm going to see the boys again" In the background Lou said 'Okay'

"You have to be kidding me! You are with Lou!" I pull the phone away from my ear.

"Just come here early, I can get you in" Emma screamed "Stay on the phone" I walked to the stage door. The arena was quieter than before.

"Hi love" Niall said and leaned in for a kiss. Emma must have heard the pucker because she was screaming.

"I had to put Lux to bed, any other questions?" I decide to give the boys my phone so they can talk to Emma. A few of the girls raise their hands.

"When did you meet?" I laugh a bit

"Today, there is a cute story behind it" I smile, the audience start chanting 'tell us'

"Okay, so I was getting a hair cut and Niall walked in and I fainted. Not to under exaggerate but I'm a directioner since torn." Screams burst from the crowd and laughs burst from the boys.

"What's funny?" I ask them with a smile.

"Emma, I think that's her name, is screaming" Liam told me.

"Give me the phone" Harry had it at the moment and handed it to me.

"Emma calm down" Emma was breathing heavily

"Harry---sang ---Little Things-to- me" I glare at Harry and he shrugs.

"Bye see you in a bit" I hang up the phone and answer a few questions. A snooty looking rich girl raises her hand.

"How many r's are there?" I laugh and Louis glares at her

"6, Don't question me being a directioner, I'm not a Directionator" Girls laugh

"Sassy, I like her Niall" Louis jokes. I call on another person this time a boy.

"Are you the girl that lost her twin brother?" I feel the tears in my eyes and nod. Niall grabs the mic out of my hand as I cry on his shoulder.

"Yes, it was her brother, Tommy, it is a very sensitive topic. Well we have to start getting dressed for the show" He put the mic on the stand. The arena stayed silent. A yell from the crowd catches my ear. It was Tommy, I swear it was

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