I Wish You Knew

Madison Decides to take a trip to England for the summer. What she was expecting was see some cool sights and learning a new accent but that is NOT all that happens! She meets One Direction the famous boyband! She promises herself not to fall in love because she knows that the love wouldn't last with anyone famous, but can Madison keep the promise?


1. When in England

Okay not expecting this! This is awesome, I cannot believe this!!! Okay okay I can breath now so I'll tell you what's going on. I came to England 2 weeks ago, and today I was just driving around randomly waving like a creep, but I was just so happy to be there! As I was randomly waving, HARRY STYLES, THE HARRY STYLES was waving back to me!!!!! I parked and hopped out of my blue truck ("Carl" I call him anyway") to find he had waited for me! he asked me my name! "Madison, yours?", I asked stupidly (like I didn't know who he was, idiot, I should've said my name was idiot!)"Harry, and I am surprised you didn't know that but, uh cool,uh, yeah!" "Oh I did know I am just an idiot sometimes, just ignore the idiot-ism!" "Nah,nah your fine Madi, can I call you that, love?" "Oh yeah, yeah, yep, ya can, um yeah sure." "great well here's my number I've gotta catch up with the other guys, bye...". He ran off and that was the last I saw of him. Nah nah that would mean the story is pointless!!! I call him a week later, he answers!

*Phone Conversation*                                                                                                          Harry: Hey, who's this?                                                                                                      Me: Um it's Jessica!!!       I joke, okay! Deal with it!!                                                        Harry: Um do I know you?                      "Who the heck is this girl? She sounds familiar!  Me: Yes, it's Madison, sorry for the joke!!!                                                                      Harry: Oh hey Madi, I can still call you that right?                                                         Me: Totally! So uh do you wanna like, meet up or some thing?                                       Harry: Sure, tonight?                                                                                                        Me: Love to!                                                                                                                        Harry: Great,bye see you tonight!                                                                                                     Me: Kay bye! 


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