I Wish You Knew

Madison Decides to take a trip to England for the summer. What she was expecting was see some cool sights and learning a new accent but that is NOT all that happens! She meets One Direction the famous boyband! She promises herself not to fall in love because she knows that the love wouldn't last with anyone famous, but can Madison keep the promise?


3. Change is Good

 About 3 days later I decided it was time to get out of that creepy girls house, but I wasn't sure where I was gonna go! I had thought of telling Harry, but I didn't want him to feel bad for me! So all I did was ask him if he knew of any nice 200$ a month houses and he replied. "Um not so sure but I remember a nice house for 0$ a month! And you even get the luxury of staying with a famous band!" wow he had just offered me to stay with him! "Harry I couldn't stay with you! Not paying anything, especially!" I mean sure it would be the coolest thing ever but I couldn't do that! curse my niceness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Oh please! You'll need someone to go get your bags, anyway! And then you can meet the rest of the band! It'll be great, Madi! PLEEEEEEEEASSSSSE??????" how could I seriously say no he's HARRY STYLES!!! "Yeah yeah okay okay I'm staying with you and the boys!'' I didn't want to sound excited,he'd think of me as a roomy and nothing else! "Not very enthusiastic now are you!" then he began tickling me!!! "AHHHHHHHHHHHH STOP IT HARRY OH STOP MY GAH STOPP HAHAHA STOOOOOOP!!!" "Say it with enthusiasm Madi c'mon enthusiasm and I'll stop!" "YES I HAHA WANN-HAHA WANNA STAY HA WITH YOU, PLEASE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" wow that was actually fun!


4 weeks later I was moved in with Hairy (I mean't to spell it dat way!) and I can tell he's put a liking into me! Not that I don't like him, because trust me I do but he is REALLY obvious! I do like living with him though, he is sweet and does the cooking and the boys are really sweet too! So I guess in this case change is good.

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