I Wish You Knew

Madison Decides to take a trip to England for the summer. What she was expecting was see some cool sights and learning a new accent but that is NOT all that happens! She meets One Direction the famous boyband! She promises herself not to fall in love because she knows that the love wouldn't last with anyone famous, but can Madison keep the promise?


2. Boys

Harry's P.O.V                                                                                                                                                     I screamed when she hung up. I really like her! She was beautiful when we talked on the sidewalk! She must like to laugh because she joked with me, she's gotta take a joke if she wants to be with me! And her voice, so hypnotizing!! I don't know what to do if she doesn't like me, this is only the second we've talked, and I fall hard easy! So what do I do if we go out and she doesn't call again? I will be crushed, and she won't even care! Stop Harry don't be so negative, she might really like you, just woo her, yeah!!!

I told the boys I was going out and they made a big deal out of it, as usual! Yeah Harry is BACK!!!! Louis obviously! "Lads I've gotta go pick up Madi, okay? "AWWW nickname already, how sweet!!" Louis, again.

I go to pick her up at the address she gave me, and I see her awesome truck in her driveway. It made me think she lived alone, that's kinda cool! Sometimes I wish I did, I love the boys and all, They just get on my nerves, being too loud or making fun of my dates sometimes, just that stuff! Anyway, I went and knocked on her door and I hear an "I'll get it Madison!!!!!!" then a "Noooooooo!!! No no no no NOOOOO, Jess no!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jess? sounds like a guys name! Is she cheating already? That is crazy! how could she!

That's when I hear the door open. And out comes a girl that isn't Madi but is as pretty as her. Her mouth drops and she screams, I could tell this girl definitely didn't know I was dating Madi that's for sure! "Uh Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!" She dragged on the "i" for ten seconds at least. "Hi there do you have a Madison here?" I knew she did I just needed to sound extra polite for a fan! "Oh you don't need to talk to HERRRRRRRRR!! Silly." She says. I didn't need to talk to her anymore I needed to see Madi! I walked through the door and saw a closet door wide open with a beautiful girl with tape on her mouth and she was tied with rope on her hands and feet! I ran over to the girl and found it was Madi!!!! I was so scared but I didn't want her here so I picked her up and took her to my and the boys' house, without even untying her (what I was in a hurry)! When I pulled in I carefully took off the tape making sure not to hurt her. I then realized that should have been last. She completely freaked out while i untied her. "Madi, Madi it's okay tell me what happened!" "Oh Harry sorry I kicked you, your nose is bleeding we should go inside, I'll help you!" She stuttered. "It's fine! Just tell me what happened there." "Okay, okay, okay when the doorbell rang I called from upstairs "It's my date, don't get it I can!" And she didn't listen! I ran down to stop her and she put tape on my mouth and rope on my hands! Then threw me in the closet and put rope on my feet! She went psycho!! Probably because your Harry Styles, ya know she wanted to date you and got jealous. I am going to move out as soon as possible, I can't be in that environment, anymore, anyway!



I felt so bad.

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