Can this be happening?

16 year old Kazie bumps into Niall at Nandos( of course). She ends up meeting the rest of them and going on tour. One of the boys will try to get revenge on him, but how? Will their be relationships? Heartbreaks? Friendships ruined? Will secrets be spilled?
This is my First movella so I hope y'all like it:)


5. The Pool

Niall's POV I showed her the whole house and her expressions were kinda funny. When the tour was over we were outside. "Do you want to go for a swim?" I asked hopping she would say yes. "I don't have any swim wear." Crap! I knew that probably would've happend. "what if I drive you home so you could get your swimsuit?" "ok." She sounded happy. Yes! Kazie's POV when he asked me to go swimming with him I wanted to say yes so badly but I didn't have a swimsuit. " What if I drive you home so you could get your swimsuit?" I never would of thought of that. Man I'm glad I met a smart leprechaun! I told directions to my house. We got their and I rushed inside to pick out my cutest swimsuit. I decided to go with a hot pink 2 piece swimsuit. I got back into the car and we were on our way back to his house. Niall's POV When she cam out in a hot pink 2 piece. My eyes were locked on her and would not look away. When she got in the car I managed to finally look away cause I didn't want to seem creepy or die in a car accident. We showed up and their was a note on the counter. " Niall, we all went Otto eat, you and Kazie have the house to our selfs for awhile. Love, Liam." Thank the Lord. She went outside while I ran upstairs trying to put on my swim trunks as fast as I could. This was going to be a fun day! Kazie's POV He ran upstairs leaving me outside all alone. I decided not to wait on him and got in the pool. It was freezing. I was so excited that I had some alone time with Niall. Especially since I liked him. He cam out and his eyes were glued on me. It kinda made me feel uncomfortable. He finally dived in and came behind me grabbing my waist and pulling me under. Niall's POV We were in the water for a long time playing and having a good time until it started getting dark. The pool lights came on and made it really romantic. We were laughing at a joke I said until I started walked toward her. She started backing up bumping into the pool wall. She was trapped. I got so close to we're our hips were touching. Kazie's POV He got really close to which kinda turned me on. He was smiling at me and trying to get even closer. It felt right. He whispered something in my ear then leaned in for a kiss. I didn't know what to do. My brain was shouting no but my heart was yelling yes. I decided to go with my heart. Niall's POV Our lips met and sparks shot through me and her. It started as a simple kiss until she pushed even harder against my lips. This felt so right. We started kissing very passionately until she pulled away. "I'm really tired," she was so cute,but I didnt want that kiss to end. We got out, went to my room,and fell asleep.With her in my arms. I love her.

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