Can this be happening?

16 year old Kazie bumps into Niall at Nandos( of course). She ends up meeting the rest of them and going on tour. One of the boys will try to get revenge on him, but how? Will their be relationships? Heartbreaks? Friendships ruined? Will secrets be spilled?
This is my First movella so I hope y'all like it:)


2. The Dream


 Shane-a started yelling . "We're here!" I looked out the window and there was the hotel that One Direction was staying in. In my head I was saying "OMG!! I can't believe that me, Kazie Chapmen, is going to meet the Louis Tomlinsin, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik!" I was trying to be calm but it was no use, I was fangirling and I couldn't stop! I started having a massive break down and almost fainted when we got out of the limo.We got inside and Shane-a started to have a massive break down to. It was so hard being calm about but I finally was after 15 minutes because I knew  how Niall doesn't like it when girls act all crazy. We grabbed our luggage and waited for secrurity. Their were fans everywhere around the hotel. They were all singing WMYB and crying and pushing and shoving. When security found us they led us up to our floor and the boys were their waiting on us. Shane-a was now fangirling like no other. When the door opened I looked straight into Niall's eyes and I just froze. He walked up to me, dipped me , then said" Kazie I love BEEP,BEEP,BEEP!"

I opened my eyes to see that the sun was pouring in my room making everything look bright and calm. " What a weird dream." I thought in my head. Then I started planning what I was going to do today.  I was pretty hungry so I got and got dressed and ready to go to Nando's. " What if I bumped into Niall while their." I laughed at the thought of them actually being here in London. I grabbed my phone, locked the door behind me, jumped in my car and was headed to Nando's.


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