Can this be happening?

16 year old Kazie bumps into Niall at Nandos( of course). She ends up meeting the rest of them and going on tour. One of the boys will try to get revenge on him, but how? Will their be relationships? Heartbreaks? Friendships ruined? Will secrets be spilled?
This is my First movella so I hope y'all like it:)


1. The contest

 Kazie's POV

Shane-a and I were sitting in the living room waiting for the contest to start. " Ok ladies and Gentlemen" the speaker said ,"Is One Direction your favourite band? Do you dream about metting them? Well today is your lucky day, you could win a trip to stay with the actual One Direction band for a couple of weeks!" All you have to do is be the 13th caller and you'll win!" My heart was pounding like crazy! " We have to win that contest" Shane-a yelled. "I know we have to be the 13th caller!" "On your marks, get set, CALL!" Me and Shane-a dialed the number and waited for an anwser.

Someone picked up the phone. "Congratulations, you are the 13th caller" I heard on the radio and through my phone. " What is your name", the speaker asked. " K-Kazie" I managed to get out. " Well Kazie text us your address and will pick up you and your friend tomorrow afternoon." " Ok thanks."

Shane-a and me were fangirling like crazy! Then we went over to Shane-a's house so she could pack her stuff. We fell asleep at my house because I still needed to pack my things.


Sorry its so short! I'm really tired so to make up for it I will make the next chapter really long or put 2 more chapters up tomorrow! Goodnight!:)

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