Can this be happening?

16 year old Kazie bumps into Niall at Nandos( of course). She ends up meeting the rest of them and going on tour. One of the boys will try to get revenge on him, but how? Will their be relationships? Heartbreaks? Friendships ruined? Will secrets be spilled?
This is my First movella so I hope y'all like it:)


3. Suprise!

 Niall's POV

 Today we had a signing to go to. I was getting alittle nervous about just thinking if today I found my princess. I hoped in the shower that took maybe about 5 minutes. When I got out I just slipped on some sweats, a hoodie , and some supras. I decide to go to Nando's today. I made sure no one else was up, then I got my phone, headed out the door and drove to Nando's.

Kazie's POV

 I got their and it was suprisingly empty at 10 in the morning. I walked in and it was nice and calm, unlike other restaraunts around here were theirs screaming and yelling. I got a table close to the bathrroms, great. I sat their and waited for some to take my order until I saw him. Niall Horan. I was in complete shock.

Niall's POV

 I pulled up and it was suprisingly empty at this time of day, I walked in and saw only a couple of people their. Then I spotted this one girl, she had blonde hair with what I could see kind blue eyes. I was seated to the table next to her and as I got closer I was getting nervous. More nervous than usual, apparently she spotted me because she was starring at me for awhile. I finally had the guts to go up and talk to her. My heart was beating like crazy. I managed to pull a smile.

Kazie's POV

 Niall was walking towards me. I was freaking out inside. He got closer and closer and that made me even more nervous. "What is a beautiful girl like you sitting all alone?" He asked me. I smiled and started blushing. He sat in the chair next to me and got alittle closer. "so I never got your name?" "Ka-Kazie", I tried to say with screaming. "And your Niall,from One Directoin." I think I played that off pretty well. "Well Kazie you should text me sometime?" He slipped me a piece of paper then he gave me his phone. "Put your number in ok?" i did as he said, I put it in then gave him back his phone. We chated and chated then he asked me"do you want to come back to my flat with me and meet the rest of the boys?" I shook my head yes and waited for the waiter to come back with his credit card. He wouldnt let me pay. When we walked outside their were fans everywhere. People were yelling "Niall, over hear" "Who is she" "Are y'all dating" it was hard to keep up with him through all the fans until I felt a hand hold mine. It was Nialls.

Niall's POV

I didnt want to lose her through the crowd so I grabbed her hand. She blushed and looked down while smiling. she even had a beautiful smile. After all the photos and autographs we made it back to my car. I started the car and we were on our way.

                                      ****15 akward minutes later****

 We arrived at my flat. when she saw that we were here her mouth dropped open and her eyes were wide. I giggled under my breath. "This place is huge," Her voice was so soft and pure. We walked inside and all the boys were on the couch. They looked up from watching t.v. and saw that I was here but with someone else.

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