Can this be happening?

16 year old Kazie bumps into Niall at Nandos( of course). She ends up meeting the rest of them and going on tour. One of the boys will try to get revenge on him, but how? Will their be relationships? Heartbreaks? Friendships ruined? Will secrets be spilled?
This is my First movella so I hope y'all like it:)


10. Ch.10

Kaze's POV

I woke up with my head on fire. This is probably the worst hangover I have ever had.I sit up with my head in my hands, trying to make the pain go away. Niall walked in with some medicene and a glass of water."Goodmorning princess." He said softly with a grin on his face."Shut up and give me the damn pills."I just wanted this pain to stop."A little upset are we?"He laughs while handing me the pills.I shoved them in my mouth and gulped down the water. I layed my head back down and sighed."Niall?""Yes my love."His voice is like an angel. ",will you sing to me?"He giggled then cuddled up next to me."Your so pretty when you cry,when you cry. Wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye, now your tearing me apart,tearing me apart, your tearing me apat-ar-art..." I fell asleep instantly.

Nialls POV

 I left the room so she could get some more sleep. I walked downstairs to be greeted by the boys all smiling."So how was the bitch Kazie today?" Louis winks at me."At least she didnt physically do anything." We all started laughing. I walked to the kitchen and starting making breakfast."Making breakfast for Kazie are ya?" "Yes Harry, no please go away so I can cook."He leaves the room and goes into the living room. The rest of the boys follow him in there giggling. After breakfast was finished I sprinted upstairs trying not to spill the food. I stopped at the top of the stairs to catch my breath. After I finished gasping for air, I slowly crept into the room to find her wide awake crying with her phone in her hand. Uh oh!

Kazie POV

I checked twitter today. I know I shouldnt but I had too. I have a ton of mentions. The first few were nice, but then they started to get worst and worst. People were calling me fat,ugly,whore,slut,bitch, and aven more names. The ones that hurt me the most were the ones about Niall only using me and how I should just go die. It was to overwhelming. I burst into tears. why did he like me? Why doesnt he think I'm ugly and fat? Niall walks in with food,and I just turn my head away."Hey, whats wrong?"He asked concerned."Why do you stay with me? Why dont you think im a fat ugly bitch?"Tears streaming down my face."Why do I stay with you?Becausue you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Everytime you smile or laugh, I get butterfliesd in my stomach," He grabbed my fadce.", you are the most beautiful girl in thw whole world Kazie.And I stay with you also because I love you." Did he just say he loved me?"Yes, I did."Did I just say that out loud?"Yes, you did that too."He said smiling at me."I should really work on that." I laughed through the sobs. "But please,dont let those people get to you."He said with hurt in his eyes."I promise." He smiles, grabs my face again; and kisses my lips softly."I really do love you." "And I love you too."

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