Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


20. What's Wrong!?!

Jen's POV

 Once Caitlyn threw us to the floor I heard the thud of the knife hit the wall. After I quickly stood up in fear. " MAX YOU BASTARD." I screamed not realizing that I did. Louis and Niall stood up in front of me. " Caitlyn?" I asked. I turned around and to my surprised Caitlyn had a spoon in her back. A spoon? " Cait there is a spoon in your back." I said scared. " But spoons can't really hurt anyone. "  she said looking at me. " Well obviously it just did so." I said helping her up. " Niall... Lous. We need to call 911." I said pulling my phone out already calling. " What ever. Jen will be mine." Max said leaving Nandos. After I was done we slowly walked outside and there was the paramedics waiting. *1Hour later* We are back at the house chilling and eating Nandos. I feel quite lazy, but Im on my guard cause who knows what will happen next.


Louis' POV

 We were chilling at home, but I noticed Jen wide eyed and sitting up. " Jenny relax. " I said kissing her cheek. She sighed and layed her head on my shoulder. Im quite worried about her. I was thinking then realized her breathing slowed down. She was asleep now. I got up not waking her and picked her up and carried her to the bed. I layed her down and I layed next to her. She stirred quite a bit so I just wrapped my arms around her and she cuddled up to my chest. I closed my eyes and took a nap me self to.


Niall's POV

 Louis carried Jen to bed and the rest of us just sat there watching tv. " Do you think she will be ok." Kimmy asked. I nodded continueing to eat my chicken wrap. After I finished I got up and went to my room to do a twitcam. " Whats up Directioners." I said postitioning myself into something comfortable. After a whileof questions and music Jen walked in my room in tears. I quickly ran up and wrapped her in a hug. I took her over to the twitcam and she hid her face. I said goodbye and sut the twitcam down. I took Jenny to my bed and hugged her as she cried into my chest. " Shhhshhhshh.. its okay.. do you want to talk about it." I asked she shook her head wiping tears. She sniffled and stood up. " Want to watch tv." I asked. She nodded as I took her hand. I lead her to the empty living room. I turned the tv on and we sat there watching teen wolf, then Jersey Shore. She cuddled up to me and soon she fell asleep. As did I. *Next Morning.* I woke up and Jenny was gone. I got up and looked through every room to everyone asleep, but then I heard puking noises. I walked to the bathroom and there Jenny was face first in the toilet. I held her hair back till she was finished. I picked her up and layed her on couch. " I will make you some tea and soup." I said kissing her hot forehead.


Jen's POV

 I woke up and quietly got of Niall's arms to go the the bathroom. I sat there puking my guts out. After a while someone held my hair back. I couldn't see because I was puking. After I was finished I saw it was Niall and He picked me up. He layed me on the couch and said, " I will make you some tea and soup." He said kissing my forehead. I sat there holding my stomache as Louis walked out. He saw me and ran to my side. " Babe whats wrong." He asked concerned. I just shook my head as tears fell from my eyes.  He wiped it away and kissed my cheeks. Niall walked out with tea and soup. He set it down and realized I was crying again." Jen, You were crying last night. Threw up this morning. And your crying again. What is wrong, And I won't stop till you tell me." Niall said taking one of my hands. Louis looked at me with concerned eyes. I sighed and I wanted to say it. But the words weren't coming out. I had  my mouth open but nothing came out. " Im... Im..." I couldn't do it..



NOTE: OOOOO... snap can you guess whats wrong with her. Idk but I ran out of ideas so it wasnt my best chapter... So I will leave this up to Cait to write you guys a good chapter tonight. - Your author Chloe C:

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