Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


19. Shocked and Surprised

Louis's POV

"So you're Louis?" he asked looking me up and down. I looked at me like I was a disgusting piece of trash. Then he gave me a disgusted look. "I'm not impressed..." he said turning around to pick up something. I didn't want to stay to find out. I backed up slowly and made my way slowly toward the door. I then felt something cold...and sharp...rest on my neck.


Jen's POV

This can't be... I thought he was in jail! I have to be dreaming. I pinched myself...nothing... I did it again...still nothing. I was by the van. I noticed everyone still fast asleep. I didn't want to wake anyone, I don't want to get them involved. I then saw Niall wasn't in the car. I turned around and there he was. He was going to scare me, but I caught him in the act... busted... but I wasn't in the mood now. He was smiling but that soon faded.


Niall's POV

I woke up and we were at Nando's... and no one bothered to wake me?! Oh... no one is awake... I sat up and stretched. I looked around and noticed Jen nor Louis were in the van. I got out quietly and waited. Maybe they went for a walk or something or went in to get food. Then I saw Jen run out. I couldn't tell what for, so I thought I could sneak up on her. I tried to hide my smile but it wouldn't go away. I was right behind her when she turned around. I noticed her eyes...scared... my smile soon faded. She looked scared. I hugged her. She hugged back and I heard a few sniffles.


"What's going on here?"


Jen's POV

Niall then hugged me. I hugged back. I was so scared. I started crying. I hugged him even tighter. I let out a few sniffles. I didn't want this moment to end. That was soon interrupted.


"What's going on here?"


I jumped out of Niall's arms and almost fell. Niall looked just as scared as me. He caught me and helped me keep balance. I looked around. I couldn't tell where that came from. Was it my imagination? Couldn't be, Niall heard it. I looked all around, I spun in like five circles.


"Look up,"


I looked up and there was Caitlyn just chilling on the van roof. She was smirking. I glared at her. She scared me to death!


"So...where's Louis?" she asked as if it was normal... wait... LOUIS!!!


Caitlyn's POV

It's just like a scene from my movie. Me sitting on a roof and acting as if everything was meant to be...it wasn't though.


"Where's Louis?" I asked. Jen cocked her head then her eyes widened. She then ran back inside Nando's. Niall stood there confused and I had thoughts running through my head. I jumped down from the van and ran toward the front doors. Jen stood there, frozen in time. I noticed what she was looking at, I froze too. Niall sooned joined us.


Jen's POV

I can't believe it...


"LOUIS!!!" I screamed. I was about to run after him but Caitlyn held me back. Max had Louis in a headlock sort of thing, but with a knife to his neck. I started crying. Louis was fine, I mean no cuts or bruises. He didn't fight him or anything. Max had me. He can't kill Louis... Caitlyn let go of me and started walking toward them like she was approuching a wild animal...calm and silent...


"Max..." she said in her soothing, calming voice. He looked at her and put Louis inbetween them. Louis tensed up so I think Max put a little pressure on the knife. Caitlyn stopped immediately. She sighed. "You can't do this all your life," she said. She looked so serious. "Just deal with the fact that Jen isn't into you...she's done with you, over you, and never coming back because of what you did," she sounded a bit angry, but calm and soothing. Niall wrapped his arms around me. Max loosened his grip on the knife which was still on Louis's neck. Louis sighed in relief. Then the next thing was unbelievable... Max dropped the knife.


Louis then ran over to us. I hugged him and never let go. I looked up at him and he kissed my forehead. I then looked over at Caitlyn and Max, they were having an all out staring contest. Louis, Niall, and I started to back up slowly. Then Max turned his head and gave us an evil smile.


Caitlyn's POV

I amazed that those words came out of my mouth. And what REALLY surprised me was, Max dropped the knife. I think he's planning something. Get us to think he moved on then strike. I don't know why I was ever friends with him... We were having a "staring contest" and he broke it by smiling evily at Louis, Niall, and Jen.


"Hurt them I hurt you..." I said still glaring at him. He turned to me and laughed.


"I'd like to see you try," he sassed back.


Jen looked at me with pleading eyes. I looked at Max and he a had a fist raised, then he went after Louis, Niall, and Jen. I ran to put myself inbetween them. I kicked him in the chest and he stummbled backwards. I then ran up to him and did a ninja kick sort of thing... I got down on one foot with my other leg out and spun, tripping him and him landing with a loud THUD. I got up and we all started running toward the door. I heard him get up.


"GET DOWN!" I screamed. I threw my arms around everyone and we all flew (sort of) to the floor. I saw the knife hit the wall... right where Louis was standing... I felt a sharp pain in my back. I tried to get up but collasped immediately. I don't know what it was. The knife was in the wall. If it wasn't the knife, then what was it?


NOTE: So...what did you guys think? A bit of action...a bit of suspense...a bit of drama? maybe not. But I can't wait to see what Chloe has in mind for the next chapter!!! ~Your Co-Author, Caitlyn :D

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