Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


8. One Big Family.. Maybe

Louis' POV

 " NIALL!" I yelled as loud as possible. I had Jenny in  my arms so i gently put her down and ran to give big old Niall a hug. " Forget about us. VAS HAPPENIN WITH THAT." said Zayn in that Bradford accent. I let go of Niall and went to hug Liam and Zayn. " How you been mate" asked Liam as always. " Just fine, expecially with my girlfriend Jenny." I said so proud. " Ahh so this is the Jenny i hear about all the time... Shes a keeper." Niall said examining her. I didn't apperciate that part so much, but I will let it slid for now. " Oh geez thanks Niall." said Jen so sarcastically. " Why you guys here" I asked curious. " Oh well Uncle Simon moved the tour date to Friday and so we have our stuff packed so he told everyone to meet here." said Niall so cheerfully. Friday. Thats in two days. I try to look Jen in the eyes, but she was gone. " Where's Jenny?" I asked a bit scared. " Went to your room." Liam answered. I walked in there and saw Jenny looking outside the window. I guess she didn't hear me because when i put my hand on her shoulder she jumped. " Thank god it was just you Lou." Said Jenny as she was holding her heart. " You alright babe" i asked concerned. " Oh course, I came in here to pack, but its all done so Im thinking." she said as she looked out the window.


Jen's POV

 Louis didn't know what was wrong, but I rather not tell him at the moment. " Jenny, can you come with me." Louis asked. I nodded and took his hand. We walked to the living room and Louis said, " Be back lads going somewhere with Jenny." We walked outside and we walked which seemed like for hours but we were finally somewhere so familiar. " Do you remember this spot here in this secret park." Louis asked me. I thought and remembered this was where me and Louis first met. After that we were bestfriends. " I rememeber you shoving ice cream in my face here." I said jokingly, " Louis this is where we first met." I looked at Louis and when I turned my head he kissed me so passionatly. " Jenny, this is where it all began. And now my life is whole" said Lou full of passion. Tears fell from my cheek leaving hot tear stains. Louis gave me one more kiss and took my hand. We kept walking and as I was thinking i wasn't paying attention to were i was going and twisted my ankle. I fell and Louis picked me up strait away. " Always getting hurt, huh." Louis said as he peeked my cheek. When we got back to the house he sat me on the couch next to Liam. " What happend love." Liam asked as i saw it clearly written on his face. " Just twisted my ankle." I said with a smile. Louis came back with a rap, ice, and medicine. He wrapped my leg and when he put the ice on i winced in pain. " Sorry babe." Louis said as he handed me the pill and a water. How i hate pills. I took it and then yawned. " YOU CAN'T BE TIERD!" yelled Niall running in the room. " Sorry Nialler.. want to watch a movie." i asked him sweetly. " A SCARY ONE" Harry butted in. " Im in." said Zayn still looking in the mirror. Liam popped the movie in and i cuddled up with Louis. The movie was quite intense. Anything that popped out I screamed. The boys thought it was hilarious. This is like one big happy family. Soon I drift to sleep.


Louis' POV

 Jen fell asleep so this was my time to say it. " Boys, I want you to know Jenny is quite fragile, so please don't ever mention the name Max." i said with strait face. " IM HOME PEEPS" Kimmy said coming in. Which scared Jenny causing her to fall and scream. " I picked her up and told her everything will be alright. " Jenny, your shaking its ok its just Kimmy." i said in a whisper tone. " Hey babe," Harry said getting up and kissing Kimmy. " I hate working late" said Kimmy as she threw her purse on the table. " Oh, this must be Liam, Niall, and Zayn" said Kimmy shaking each of the boys hands. It is true what Jenny said. We are one big happy family. I hope this stays like this forever.


NOTE: So it was the boys... most probably expected that. But SURPRISE. So next chapter i will try to add drama. So yeah :) hoped you like. -your author. Chloe C:

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