Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


16. Max.....

Jen's POV

 Ugh Max. I sighed and answered the text.

Max- Hey babe you wanna come over early.

Jen- God No. Im not even in England so you can suck it.

Max- Slut, I knew that. Why do you think Im her in LA

I stood there with my phone in my hand. " You alright Jenny." Kimmy asked. " Uh. Honestly no. Max is here in LA." I said almost crying. " It's Okay we won't let him hurt you." Caitlyn said rubbing my back. I sighed and said, " Im walking to Starbucks." " And we are coming with." Kimmy said stepping forward. I nodded and we started to walk. " Why is he like this." Caitlyn asked. " I don't know. He use to be sweet till he started to abuse me cause I wouldn't do spasific things with him. And so he continued to abuse me. So he finally broke up with me." I sighed as we finally reached Starbucks. We got our coffee and sat down. I thoguth hey lets tweet: @Cadwell_Luv Hey anybody else having a messed up day. I need a vacation ASAP. I tweeted and set my phone down and it instally buzzed. I looked and saw Niall calling. I picked it up.

" Saw your tweet." Niall said quickly.

"Yeah, Just stressed." i said sighing.

" Well, how about after the video shoot we go shopping." Niall happy.

" I would love Mr. Horan." I said giggling.

" Good, Im making you happy. See you then Mrs. Cadwell." Niall said.

" Thanks Niall, See you, love you, bye bye." I said back

" Love you to bye bye." Niall said hanging up.

I was smiling now." Happier now," Caitlyn asked. " Yeah, I just love you guys. Everyone trying to cheer me up.


Niall's POV

 After I hung up with Jen I noticed she said I love you and I did too. I smiled at the thought. " NIALL.. Come on mate." Liam yelled. I nodded and ran back over. *2 hours later* I walked away from the boy and the flirty model to talk to our real girls. I walk up and put my hands over Jen's eyes. " Guess who." I asked. " Niall, Your cute irish accent gives it away." Jen said giggling. I pull my hands away and gets up and hugs me. " So when are we going shopping Niall." She asked with a cute pout. I just laughed and took her hand. " Alright lads taking Jenny to go shopping." I said walking away, " Is window shopping ok with  you." I asked. " Yeah i love window shopping." she said smiling. We went to three stores and then the fourth Jen was acting weird. Trying to hide behind me. " Whats the matter." I asked looking at her. " We need to get out of here. I see Max." Jenny said quietly. I nodded and took her hand. " Jenny baby." I heard some one say. I heard Jen curse under her breath and turn around. Not letting go of my hand. " What do you want Max." Jenny said putting her other hand on her hip. Sassy. " Just coming to pick you up to take you home." He said reaching for her. I pushed Jen behind me and said, " Over my dead body." " Oh and is this your boyfriend you slut." I was angry now. " Yes, Now don't call her a slut you pig." I said throwing a punch to his jaw. He threw one back and we had an all out fight. Jenny tried to stop it, but Im not letting him get away that easy. I threw another punch, but when he did he didn't hit me, but i heard a smack more then a punch. I turned around and saw Jen on the ground unconsious. Last straw. I punched him and he fell. I went to Jenny, but everything got fuzzy. I fell over  and I couldn't get up. I heard sirens and that was it. All I hope is that Jen is okay.


Louis' POV

 I was mad. Niall taking my girl. The rest drove back to the apartment. Today we were packing cause tomorrow we are going to Flordia. We walked in the hotel and I started to pack Jen's things till my phone started to go off. I picked it up and listened to the person. My jaw dropped and i said, " Be there as soon as possible." I hung up and ran to each of the rooms yelling get in the van quickly. We all piled in and Harry asked where we are going. I said, " Hospital ASPA." We drove there and the minute Harry parked I jumped out of the van and sprinted in the door. " May I help you." The front desk lady ask. " Yes Im here for Jenifer Cadwell." I said quickly. She told me the room number and I ran towards the door. I opened it and saw Jen hooked up to an IV. "She lost quite a bit of blood, but she should be fine thanks to this young man." She said taking numbers and pointing to niall stitched up and bandaged. I went up to him and sat down next to him. " Im sorry mate, this is all my fault." Niall said letting a tear fall. " What happened " I asked. " Well we were shopping and she saw Max and He tried taking her and we started fist fighting and then he either punched or slapped Jen. She hit the counter and the fell to the floor. They arrested Max and we were taken to the hospital. She lost blood and we need to get her some stat. So I offered my blood. " Niall said not making eye contact with me once. " Max.. that bastard." is all I could say. " Don't worry she will wake soon." The nurse said handing Niall there prescriptions and he signed them out. I got up and walked to her bed side. " I love you Jenny. Please wake up." I whispered rubbing the back of her hand.


 NOTE: TADA... Drama... not much of a cliff hanger, but thats for later ;).. And little carrots we would much appericiate some ideas. Thanks and Cait... LOVE YA TOO!!! Haha.. Oh and sorry if you got confused.. the guys name is Max not Travis. Thats from my other story called Someone Like You.. BTW you should check it out. But yeah its Max. If we say Travis. We mean Max haha lol - Your author Chloe C:

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