Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


10. Love <3 and Shockers :O

Jen's POV

 We sat there for a while talking and watch the gossip channel. *Breaking New! Taylor Lautner broke up with Caitlyn Grace Ray* " Woah, Caitlyn is beautiful" Liam said thinking out loud. There rest of us snickered. " Liam, I know Caitlyn" I said as he turned his face fast. I just giggled cause its true. We have been friends since kindergarten. " Hold on" I said as i quickly called Caitlyn. I walked back to the living room and put thumbs up. " She said in 20 minutes." I said like a chief. " Now clean" The boys quickly got up and Me and Kimmy started dinner. The 20 minutes passed and I said I will be right back. I walked to the nearest Starbucks and saw Caitlyn. I ran up to her and hugged her. " Din't work out with Taylor." I asked looking at her. " Nah, He isn't my type. But I know who is." said Caitlyn looking like she was thinking. " WHO WHO WHO." I said quite loud. " Liam Payne. Now he's my type." said Caitlyn winking. I giggled and took her hand. We ran all the way back to the tour bus. I did the secret knock and they let me in. " Alright lads and Kimmy, This is Caitlyn Grace Ray." i said showing them Caitlyn. Caitlyn smiled and waved.


Caitlyn's POV

 I am so happy, but I'm shy. LIAM FREAKIN PAYNE. The toughts ran through my mind. " Okay well nice to meet you Caitlyn. Oh, and Jenny we got the hotel." Louis said walking up and pecking Jenny's lips. Weird never heard of Louis when me and Jenny were still in grade school. I watched as everyone grabbed there things and walked to the hotel in front of wear the bus parked. I followed not really paying attention till Liam grabbed my hand. I looked at our hands then at him. I blushed lightly and continued to walk. " You know your quite beautiful" Liam whispered in my ear. Shivers went down my spine as i said, " Well you don't look so bad your self" We entered the room and Liam was sharing a room with Niall so i went in with them and sat on Liam's bed as he unpacked.


Louis' POV

 Liam is so crushing on Caitlyn. I saw him grab her hand as we walked up and into the room. He even took her to his and Niall's room. My train of thought was interrupted by me picking up Jenny's bra. She was on he iphone not paying attention so i flung it and Harry, which we are sharing rooms, and he looked at me. After a while of us flinging her bras and panties Jenny looked up. " LOUIS" Jenny screamed grabbing her under garnments. We laughed as we watched her unpack. After she was done she started to storm of. Not this time. I ran and threw her over my shoulder. " PUT ME DOWN" Jenny screamed pounding on my back. I just laughed and took her to the indoor pool. " You wouldn't" she said daring. Oh, but I did. I jumped in with her on my shoulder. When she came up I was laughing. She looked mad still. " Jenny, it was a joke." i said. She just swam away and got out. " Louis, that wasn't funny." she said angry. I got out and hugged her and kissed her passionatly. " Sorry babe." I put my arm around her waist and we walked back upstairs. " Uh.. I forgot the key." I said chuckling. Jen sighed and knocked on the door. Of course Harry would answer it naked. " AHHH HARRY" Jenny scream and I covered her eyes. " HARRY GO GET CLOTHES ON" I yelled. " Nope, I told everyone I was going to so they are in there rooms. I sighed and picked up Jenny and ran to our room. She burried her face in my chest.


Jen's POV

 After a while Harry got dressed and we all went to the little fancy restruarnt in the hotel. We all order drinks and I noticed Liam peck Caitlyn's cheek. " Woah, what happened here" I said pointing at Liam and Caitlyn. " Well, we are dating. Geez Jenny get with it" Caitlyn said jokingly. I huffed and flipped my hair. Which made everyone laugh. Me and Louis went for a walk after dinner and everyone went back to the room. "Jenny, You know I love you with everything I have." Louis said staring ahead. " Louis, I do to. It's Im a bit different from most. Why choose me." I asked. " You are super sweet and can sometimes take a joke. Also you don't scream in my face." Louis said chuckling. I laughed to and pecked his cheek.  After a while we walked back upstairs. I opened the door with my key and I couldn't believe my eyes. I started to slowly back away. " NO, You stay here lovely. Get with the other girls." said the stranger pointing his gun. Of course. All three, Me; Kimmy; and Caitlyn, stand over here. " Okay so you girls will be leaving with me and.." " NO, You are not taking them," Liam shouted stepping forward.


Liam's POV

 As we entered the room laughing everyone froze. I looked and saw a guy in a ski mask. Oh no. " Girls over there and guys over there." said the stranger. We seperated and sat there. Then Jen and Louis came in. I don't remember what he said cause i was to focused on Caitlyn. " Okay Im taking the girls and.." " NO, You are not taking them," I shouted stepping forward. " Oh, and are you going to stop me." said the stranger. " Yes," I said. I started to go towards the stranger. That's all I remember before it went black. I could here faint sirens and crying. And screaming. I opened my eyes as I was on a gurny. " Be strong LiLi" said Caitly kissing my cheek before I fainted. Now Im alone in the dark, But I think it was worth it. Hopefully I live.



NOTE: OKAY. New character because.. drum role.... CO-AUTHOR!!!!.. yes My friend, usacait, is now going to start writing chapters to!. So this will be interesting. So yeah still girlfriends available to Zayn and Niall! Yes yes. hopefully you enjoyed. Comment, Like, and tell your friends. Tanks Carrots - Your author hloe C:

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