Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


11. It Will All Be Ok

Jen's POV

 We sat there in the waiting room waiting forever. " I know he will live. He is strong." I said hugging Louis. He kissed my head and sighed. I layed my head on his shoulder. And took a sweet nap. Or at least I thought. *DREAM: I was sitting there in a room with pictures of Me, Kimmy, and the Boys. I walked and remembered each picture, but as I passed them they lit on fire. I backed away and fell to the floor. The room had no doors. I was trapped. Wait there was Liam. " LIAM WHATS HAPPENING." I screamed scared. " We are dieing. It happens" He said so calm. I was frantically trying to find an exit. " No use. Were trapped This was ment to be." Liam said looking me in the eys. " NO, What about Louis, Caitlyn, Kimmy, Zayn, Niall, and Harry!" I asked quickly. " They knew this was going to happen. And so did Max" Liam said pulling off a mask revealing Max. I screamed and backed away to a wall. " I told you I would get you." He said raising a knife. DREAM OVER. I woke to be in a room strapped to a bed. " LOUIS!" I screamed frantically looking around. He ran through the doors. " Jenny your okay." he said running over to you hugging you. " wh... wh.. What happend." I asked laying back. " You were screaming, punching, and Kicking in you sleep. You wouldn't wake so they strapped you to the bed till you woke." Louis said taking off the straps. I got up and shook off the dream. " Wanna talk about it love." Louis asked taking my hand. I shook my head and held him close to me. We walked out to the waiting room to it empty.


Louis' POV

 " LOUIS!" i heard Jenny screamed. I got up and ran to the room to see her awake and terrified. " Jenny your okay." I said trying to calm her down. " wh.. wh.. what happend." Jenny asked laying back. " You were screaming, punching, and kicking in your sleep. You wouldn't wake  so they strapped you to the bed till you woke." I said taking off the straps. Jenny got up and shook it off. " Wanna talk about it" I asked grabbing her hand. She shook her head and we held each other close. We walked to the waiting room. Empty. We walked to Liam's room and he was awake and talking. " Hey LiLi." I said walking up to him hugging him lightly. Poor lad got shot near the hip. " Hey Lou, Hey Jenny" Liam said smiling. Caitlyn was holding his hand. How sweet. " Liam are you ok." Jenny asked looking about to cry. I gave her a squeeze and she looked at me. " Im fine now. Just need my medication and we can go." Liam said reasuring Jenny. She nodded her head and sat on Niall's lap. Niall put his arms around Jenny and pulled her close. I just looked at them, but they didn't see me. Jenny turned around and pecked his cheek. Was she trying to make jealous. I just stood there and crossed my arms. Niall saw me and released Jen right when the nurse came in. She handed the prescription to Liam and we signed him out.


Niall's POV

 Jenny came and sat on my lap and so i snaked my arms around her waist pulling her close. I hope Louis didn't notice. I really really like Jenny, But i know she is with Louis. She turned around and pecked my cheek. Which made mewant her more. I noticed Louis cross his arms and give me a death stare. I released Jenny right when the nurse walked in. We got the prescription and signed out. We loaded the van and it was packed. Jenny sat between me and Louis. My chance. I grabbed Jenny's hand secretly. She didn't move and Louis didn't even notice cause he had her other hand. I started to rude the back of her hand with my thumb. Still nothing. We arrived home and Louis said he was going ot take a shower. Jenny sat in there room on twitter alone. I walked in and sat next to her. " I know you like me Niall, but im with Louis" she said still consitrating on her phone. " Uhh" is all that came out my mouth. She looked at me and i did it. I kissed her soft lips. And yes they were soft and they were sweet. She kissed back at first then pulled away. " Never tell Louis" is all she whispered and walked out the room. Woah. I just kissed Jenny. I walked to the living room and then looked outside. Tour bus door open. I walked outside and into the tour bus. Sitting in the tour bus living room was Jenny crying. " Its okay Jenny." I said rubbing her back. " Niall, we fricken kissed. I don't know if this will be okay. She put her face in her hands. What have I done. " It will all be okay." I said giving Jenny a hug then leaving her alone.


Jen's POV

 I sat there for a bit longer then went back inside the hotel. I went to our room. Door closed. I opened to a half dressed Louis. Pants, No shirt. I lost a bit of my balance and held on to the door frame. " You alright." asked Louis chuckling. I walked to the bed and sat down. He looked at me and stared at me weird. " I kissed Niall." i said quickly. " WHAT" Louis yelled. I started to cry again. But unexpectly got a huge hug. " shshhshhhh. Its okay at least you told me the truth. How long ago?" Louis asked. " when you were in the shower" I said sniffling. Louis nodded and held me close. I guess Niall was right. It will all be okay.


NOTE: Another glorious chapter. Got home and its a friday. Yepp tomorrow wont be home so I wont be able to type. Sorry little carrots. But i will type another chapter tonight to make it up! I will be at the Popcorn Festival!!! Totally excited - your author Chloe C:

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