Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


5. Hurt. Helped. Loved.

Jen's POV


I sat there on my laptop cheeking twitter and facebook. Same old same old. " Hey Jenny have you heard anything from Louis or Harry," asked Kimmy. I just shook my head as tears fell quickly. I know Louis probably is in a relationship with some other girl. I sighed, "Kimmy, I think we should go to the club tonight." Kimmy looked at me shocked. " Are you sure Jenny." she asked. "I'm sure since Louis must hate me now. I guess this was a way he wanted to let me down slowly." I said sadly. " Well lets get ready and find you a man, and one that isn't abusive." Said Kimmy. I just giggled and nodded. Finally something to get my mind off of Louis. I got dressed in my short black dress with my leather outfit. When i was ready i turned on the news. A gossip show. Great. I wasn't paying attention till i heard Louis' name. I saw a picture of him and a girl hugging at the store. I turned off the remote and threw it across the room. Kimmy came running in, " Jenny are you okay!". " Yeah, just saw a picture of Louis. He obviously doesn't want to be my friend. Or boyfriend." I said. But then i noticed I said that i wanted him to be my boyfriend. " Jenny, I know you like him, but this time. You might just have to move on" Kimmy said. I nodded and i got up. I grabbed my purse and walked out the door. Here's to my first night drinking!


Louis' POV

 " LOUIS DAMN IT TALK TO JEN!" Harry screamed at me. " But.. what if she hates me." I nearly whispered. Harry sighed, " Well, its been two weeks. She can talk now. So lets talk it out." I nodded. I text Kimmy and she said meet her at the club. Why the club? Jenny hates those kinds of things, especially all the drunk guys. " You ready Lou," asked Harry as he entered my room. " Lets do this," I said full of confidence.

*at the club*

When we got inside this club was pumping. Then i spotted Jen dancing naughty with a guy. What was this! I was so.. so... so angry. I walked over to the bar to find Kimmy drunk or as she keep saying "tipsy". " Why is Jenny dancing with that guy?" I asked Kimmy strait in her ear. She just shrugged and drank a couple of beers with Harry. I started to walk towards Jen and then I said it. " What the hell Jenny!".. She gave me a confused look. " Im dancing silly with.. whats your name?" she said so drunk. She was clearly smashed. " Max is my name," said the guy with a smerk. NO. Not the same Max. I stood there shocked before getting a hit to the face. I stumbled then look at Max. He wanted to fight. BRING IT ON. I swung back. He just held his jaw then pulled out a knife. " WOAH, Max calm" I said loud. " Back the fuck up, i swear i will kill her" said Max tauntly. Wow such a great way to start off my month back. He grabbed Jen's wrist and cut her once. She cried in pain. I stepped forward and he cut her again. " Don't come any closer if you want her to live" He said so evil. I didn't know what to do. But he fell and on top of Jenny. I looked and saw Harry. "Thank you" i mouthed to Harry. I got Jen. Poor girl was out. We got Kimmy and I drove them all back to Kim's and Jen's apartment. Harry and Kim were trying to get sobber as i cleaned up Jen. Now this was my fault.


Jen's POV

 It was dark, but then it turned to a white room. Then the living room. I looked around and I saw Kimmy and Harry passed out. Of course. I keep walking and saw Louis in the bathroom trying to clean some girls wrist up. Wait, that girl was me. Why wasn't I in my own body. I stood there watching him  until a pair of hands where on my shoulders. I turned around and saw My mum and dad. " MUM! DAD!" I hugged them so tight. " Jenifer you know what happened right." asked my dad. I shook my head. " Hun, you went to a club and got drunk. You danced with Max and he cut you twice. You didn't know cause you were drunk." said my mum. " But... then why am i home now." I asked so confused. " Well, Harry punched Max and he fell on top of you knocking you out. Louis took everyone here and now here we are." Dad told me so clearly."Jenny dear, Louis loves you" Mum said sweetly. " But doesn't he hate me," i asked nearly crying. " No, He is scared that you hate him." dad said to me. " Well, I honestly do like him too, but how do i get back" I asked them both. They nodded and pushed me. I kept falling and falling. Where was i going.Then I was awake I sat up real fast and bonked heads with some one.. OUCH. I saw it was Louis. I held on to my head. It truly did hurt.


Louis' POV

 I kept cleaning her wrist. Maybe i should hurry up before she wakes up. I bet she doesn't want to see me. I keep thinking till i got hit in the head hard. I held my head and looked around then looked at Jenny. She was holding her head to. So we must of hit heads. WAIT. " JENNY!" I screamed joyfully and hugged her tight. " Lou?" She asked. I let go and helped her up. We walked to the living room and I sat her down. " Im so sorry Jenny." was the only thing that came out. " But i thought you hated me. You wouldn't talk to me for 2 weeks" she said so sad. " No no no. Jenny honestly I thought you hated me. I.. I.. I Love you Jenny." Crap. I said that like it was normal. What is she going.. My thoughts where interrupted by her lips crashing on mine. I was shocked but then I kissed back. It was so passionate and full of sparks. She pulled away and said, " Lou, those were the words I was waiting for"

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