Hello, or Goodbye

It was a breezy day and Jen was alone except for at an apartment with her friend Kim. Jen moved in after a while and the lost of her friend Louis Tomlinson. It's been two years since he left for the X-factor.. She kept the charm bracelet that they have given each other before he left. Each had each others names. When Jen finds out he is coming back for a month she hopes he remembers her, or will she just be another fan to him. Once friends, now torn apart by fame.


9. Good Times, and Bad Times

Louis' POV

 Well these last two days have went by fast. Now we are at the airport and waiting for our plane. " Im hungryyyyy" Niall complained. " We ate before we left." Jen said so cute. " BUT JENNY." Niall said a bit louder. Jen sighed and got up. She took Niall's hand and led him to the nearest subway. Thats my girl. I sat there for a while talking with the lads and Kimmy. " You know Jenny is quite fit." Zayn said. I was a bit mad. " Yeah, but thats not the only thing good about her. She is kind sweet, and a bit funny." I said ignoring Zayn's comment. We keep chit chatting till we heard a scream then a door slam. I got up and started to run from where the noise came from. I saw Niall on the ground being held by many girls. The rest of the lads helped me get them off poor Niall. " Where's Jenny," I asked frantically. " She... she was taken and locked in that.. bathroom" Niall said a bit stuttering. I ran to the bathroom, i knocked and all i could hear were cries. I slamed my whole body against the wall and knocked open the door. I couldn't believe my eyes.


Jen's POV

 I stood in line with Niall trying to descide what to get, but there was a huge group of girl behind us. One grabbed my arms quite violent and i screamed in pain. Another grabbed my mouth and dragged me too the restroom. The last thing I saw was Niall pinned to the ground by some other girls. They threw me at the wall and locked the door. " OKAY, I give you 2 days and you break up with Louis." said the red head. (No offence to red heads)" who are you to tell me that." i said harshly. Another girl who was blonde came over and kicked me in the stomache. I doubled over in pain. They all came at me brudly. I cried  sighlently because they told me to hush up or they will kill me. The red head pulled out a knife and pulled me up by the hair. Then there was a knock, who could that be.. more girls. But then the door flied open and in ran Louis. The red head dropped me and grabbed my wrist and cut me twice. Then they all ran out passing Louis. I sat there holding my wrist crying. Louis ran over to me and picked me up. He started to run the the care center as he whispered, " It will be okay i promise."


Louis' POV

 After Jenny was all ptched up we had to board the plane. First class baby. We sat there in silence till Niall spoke. " Im so sorry Jenny" Niall said seeming like he was about to cry. " Niall, it wasn't your fault you couldn't do anything." Jenny said patting his leg. I looked to see Jenny trying to hide something else. " Jenny, its hot up here and your wearing my sweatshirt and Niall's sweatpants" i asked suspicious. " oh, just cold" Jenny said with a fake smile. " Please tell us the truth Jen-jen" said Kimmy. Jen sighed and took off the sweat pants and shirts. She was wearing shorts and a cute blouse,but what caught my eye was all the bruises. " The girl they abused me and I didn't want you to worry." said Jenny tearing up. I pulled her on to my lap and cuddled with her. She soon fell asleep as well as everyone else. I couldn't sleep with everything on my mind. Why would people hurt my Jenny. I quickly grabbed my iphone and tweeted *@Louis_Tomlinson why are you guys hurting my Jenny. You know thats aslo hurting me. Please stop.* I set my iphone down and listen to music. *2 hours later* We landed finally and got off. I saw Paul and we ran to him. "I already got you stuff on the bus. Lets go boys." said Paul leading us to the bus. How i missed this bus.


Jen's POV

 When we boarded the bus everyone claimed there beds. Everyone got one except me. " Jenny you are bunking with me" Louis pating the spot on the be next to us. I layed next to him as he pulled me closer. That's my Louis. " Louis we left our home." i said a bit sad. " Jenny, its only for 3 months." Louis said. Which made it sound even worse. I sighed and got up. The bus started to move making me fall. Everyone laughed and i got up and ran to the bathroom in tears. I locked the door and layed in the tub. I guess i was there for a while because i fell asleep. *DREAM: I  was in a dark whole. I saw all the boys and Kimmy. They were crying and huddling over a grave. Who's grave? " I miss Jenny so much." cried Kimmy. IT WAS ME. No this couldn't be happening. They cried and layed down flowers. When they were done the left me. Why had i died. Then Max walked over to my grave laughing. He layed a bloody knife down and whispered, " I told you I would get you." I screamed NO NO NO NO. * DREAM OVER. I woke up cold and sweaty. the boys were pounding on the door. I quickly got up and opened it only to be greeted by all of them hugging me. " What happened?" I asked. " well we all laughed at you when you fell and you ran to the bathroom. We thought you could use some space till me heard you faintly crying and screaming no." said Liam in full detail. I just gave them a confused look and then nodded. When went to the tour buses living room and I explained the whole dream. " wow, but why would he kill you" asked Zayn. I shrugged and said, " i dont know, but that was a really bad night mare." i said sighing. Louis just held me close and pecked me on the lips. " There's always the good times and the bad times." said Louis so sweetly.


Note: OKAY.. so i need one of my little carrots to take part in the next chapter. If any of you can guess my favorite song from the Up All Night album I will choose you. Oh and you will be Zayn's GF.. later on i will do more for the other boys, but for now i need Zayn's. Thanks Little carrots. - your author Chloe C:

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