carrot lover

Ashlynn lived in london and was happy with her life well kind of, her mom died when she was 18 of phenomena and so did her dad she was left alone with her sister darcy then at age 19 she started working at nandos and by the age of 20 she was manager of nandos , she lived in a new flat with darcy and was happy she was even happier with who her best friend was. Ashlynn loved him but couldn't tell him. Want to know how she told him ??? read to find out!


3. What Makes You Beautiful

It was exactly 1 week after we had kissed. Louis and i already went on 2 dates so i guess were official! We were walking down the street after getting some lunch and their were different girls passing by some of them were prettier than we got back to my flat and we were sitting on the couch. Louis out of all the pretty girls in this world why me? i said then i lay in his lap and he starts singing What Makes You Beautiful i couldn't help but smile. When he finished he leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips when he pulled away he asked " Ashlynn when we go on tour i'm going to miss you so much so i wanted to ask you do you and Darcy want to come on tour with us?" he held  up two airplane tickets  of course! i said his face lit up and i was defiantly excited when are we leaving? i asked him       funny story he replied tomorrow he smiled O.K i said well if i want to go i better start packing i run to my room and he helps me pack all of my clothes next was Darcy's room when she got home she was pretty surprised when all of her clothes were gone. Louis put his bags at my flat and he spent the night. The next day i called my friend Stacy to see if she could take care of George while we were gone with that i locked my door left a spare key in the plant and we left for the airport. We got out of the car and instantly we were swarmed with paparazzi, lights and questions like "Louis is this your girlfriend?" "Who is that little girl with you?" "Are these girls your sisters?" i felt bad but he just ignored them and their questions so i did to.   *A/N*hi!:) so i'm running out of ideas and need help if you could comment  some ideas that would be awesome! and ill try to update when i can i start school tomorrow so it will be hard but anyway thanks!

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