carrot lover

Ashlynn lived in london and was happy with her life well kind of, her mom died when she was 18 of phenomena and so did her dad she was left alone with her sister darcy then at age 19 she started working at nandos and by the age of 20 she was manager of nandos , she lived in a new flat with darcy and was happy she was even happier with who her best friend was. Ashlynn loved him but couldn't tell him. Want to know how she told him ??? read to find out!


4. hospital

*A/N heyy:D so i know i have not updated in a while because of school ill try my best to do one everyday well anyway back to the story!!!:)~cerri*

Ashlynns p.o.v 

We got off the plane o.k and got to the hotel fine. Darcy shares a room with me because Louis thought it would be a bit much if we shared a bed and Darcy was sleeping in the bed next to us i agreed and the sleeping arrangements were perfect. *A/N~ sorry if this started out boring it will get better i promise:)*

That night it was 10:30pm Darcy was asleep so it was just me Louis,Zayn,Liam,Harry and Niall. "I'm bored!" Niall exclaimed "Me two!" Zayn said "Well what do you want to do?" i said they looked at me then at each other and yelled in unison "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!" "o.k " i replied "Who wants to go first?" "MEEEEE!" said Harry "o.k Harry go!" he looked at Louis and said "Boo Bear truth or dare?!" "Dare!" " I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven with... Ashlynn! in that closet" he said while pointing to the closet by the bathroom "o.k!" he grabbed me and we went into the closet. I leaned in and it must have been at least 5 minutes i couldn't tell because our kiss was so passionate and before i knew it Harry opened the closet and yelled " O.K YOU CAN STOP SUCKING FACE WITH MY BOO BEAR NOW!!!"  i pulled away and laughed at Harry. About an hour went by and we were watching a movie i could feel my eyes closing so Louis whispered to me" do you want me to take you to your room?" i laughed to myself then nodded he picked me up bridal style and put me in my bed i didn't feel like changing so i fell asleep before i did i felt Louis gently kiss my forehead. I woke up and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table it read 10:35  i rolled over and looked at Darcy's bed she wasn't in it i started freaking out and i herd laughing in the boys room. I looked like crap my hair was everywhere i looked like a raccoon with my makeup all around my eyes i didn't care so i ran over to the boys room and opened the door and when i looked their was Niall playing twister with Darcy. "Dude don't lose to a 10 year old!" shouted Zayn "I'm 12! " said Darcy. Louis must have saw me because he got up and ran to me "good morning beautiful!" he exclaimed before putting his soft lips on mine about 10 seconds later we were still kissing and i herd this" AHHHHH COVER YOUR EYES!!! NIALL! SHUT YOUR EYES AND PUT A HAND OVER DARCY'S!!!!!" i don't know who said it but i herd Niall say"Sorry Liam." i laughed then looked at them "Breakfast anyone?" i said  Niall looked at me and said "Ashlynn what a silly question you have known me for a long time and you want to know if im hungry?!" he laughed"Well since all of you are ready let me go get changed. I  went to my room and threw this on with these shorts and these shoes so basically a long sleeved red striped shirt blue shorts and red toms i threw my blonde hair in a messy bun and walked to their room. I wasn't trying to look like Louis but when he opened the door it was like i was the girlyer version of him we laughed at each other and walked downstairs where the breakfast was. Of course their were fan girls waiting in the lobby i was passing by to get food while the boys signed autographs i passed by a group of girls and they pretended to sneeze while saying slut or whore or bitch but i didn't care i cared when one girl came up to me and said " awww how sweet you copied your boyfriend are you really that much  of an attention whore?" i walked away and sat down with Darcy i looked over at her and asked her what was wrong she said"Grandma called and said i have to go live with her until i'm 18 because your not the legal guardian of me." i looked at her and realized this was my last moment with my sister. The next morning i told Louis and my grandma came to pick Darcy up i hugged Darcy and said " ill see you soon okay kiddo Louis the boys and i will come visit you after the tour i love you darc." i started to tear up and when she left i bawled in Louis's arms i cleaned up and went in the lobby to get some water i was about to go over to the desk when three 12 year old girls stopped me. "So your the new slut Louis is dating wow he could have done better but oh well." said the one girl  "Maybe if we beat her up she will show all of her ugliness and Louis will dump her sorry ass.". So that is what they did i got punched right in the nose then kneed in the stomach i fell down and they just kept kicking me and punching me thirty minutes later Louis ran out of the elevator  and to me he stood up with tears in his eyes and looked at those girls and said "Why?! She didn't do anything to you but you have to hurt me like this!" the  front desk had called an Ambulance by the time it got to the hotel the girls were arrested. 

Louis's p.o.v

I drove to the hospital with the boys only feeling like this was my fault. "Excuse me mam where is Ashlynn Porter's room is?" i asked the receptionist "Room 3057 sweetheart." she replied i ran to her room and the doctor told me what was wrong with her " Well her nose is broken but besides that she is fine she will be sore for the next week or so and she will have to take pain medication which i will prescribe and she has bruises so be careful when you help her up she can leave once we bandage her nose." i said thank you and walked into her room."Hi babe." i said with tears in my eyes" Louis whats wrong?!" she said " Nothing its just this is all my fault! i should have been more protective i knew this was going to happen!"  "Louis  this isn't your fault those girls just they are just jealous ok." she said with a half smile i nodded then kissed her i finally found my princess.      *A/N~ O.K so i made this one long because i have not been on in a while so i hope you like it and thanks for all the positive feed back!:)~cerri* 

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