carrot lover

Ashlynn lived in london and was happy with her life well kind of, her mom died when she was 18 of phenomena and so did her dad she was left alone with her sister darcy then at age 19 she started working at nandos and by the age of 20 she was manager of nandos , she lived in a new flat with darcy and was happy she was even happier with who her best friend was. Ashlynn loved him but couldn't tell him. Want to know how she told him ??? read to find out!


1. best friend or boyfriend?

I live in London with my sister Darcy  and our puppy George. i have friends, enemies and one best friend!

his name is Louis. Louis Tomlinson. Oh sorry forgot my name is Ashlynn Porter i'm 20 and happy i guess you could say but i'm not. I love Louis! and he doesn't know its killing me! just one problem... HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND i mean she is pretty but we are not friends i'm friends with Perrie and Danielle but not Eleanor she just is a jerk in my perspective Louis may like her but i don't.   Darcy will you take George for a walk please!? i screamed from the kitchen  NO! ITS YOU'RE TURN! she yelled back   fine! ill be back in about 30 minutes don't do anything stupid Darcy! i yelled O.K! she screamed back. i grabbed my coat put George on his leash and walked next door i knocked and Louis answered. good afternoon! i said with a smile do you want to help me walk George we could get coffee later if you want i said  he said sure grabbed his coat and we walked out the door. we walked for about 20 mins then took about 5 to go get coffee we were walking back home when all of a sudden i see Darcy running down the street with no jacket on and its mid autumn i hand Louis Georges chain and go over to Darcy and ask her what's wrong i could see the fear in her eyes she was shaking and her hazel eyes were puffy and her cheeks were wet. i was watching the telly when i herd a rattling at the door i looked through the peep hole and their was this guy he wanted to get in but i didn't let him so i climbed out the window and came to look for you she said then she started crying again i asked her why and she said because she let me down and didn't protect the house it's not your fault i said then Louis came over and comforted her. We got back to my flat and the door was broken i looked around and my place was trashed the next hour i checked everything and the robber didn't take anything he just trashed my place like he was looking for something  then i turned to Darcy . Darcy did the person look like a man??  no she replied they just looked big because of the peep hole why does that matter? Louis said to me i replied because my place is trashed and nothing is gone. They looked at me with confused faces. It was probably some fan girl who was mad that i'm friends with you i laughed then i herd a crash in my bedroom we went in and standing their with a baseball bat was Eleanor. ***hope you like this new series:)***

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