carrot lover

Ashlynn lived in london and was happy with her life well kind of, her mom died when she was 18 of phenomena and so did her dad she was left alone with her sister darcy then at age 19 she started working at nandos and by the age of 20 she was manager of nandos , she lived in a new flat with darcy and was happy she was even happier with who her best friend was. Ashlynn loved him but couldn't tell him. Want to know how she told him ??? read to find out!


5. Authors Note*****

Guesss what!!! i got a polyvore hahaha yes i did and because you can not see what Ashlynn looked like when i first showed you her look a like outfit with Louis so anyway here it is!!!:)            I will have a chapter up tomorrow okay thanks everyone for waiting:D

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