carrot lover

Ashlynn lived in london and was happy with her life well kind of, her mom died when she was 18 of phenomena and so did her dad she was left alone with her sister darcy then at age 19 she started working at nandos and by the age of 20 she was manager of nandos , she lived in a new flat with darcy and was happy she was even happier with who her best friend was. Ashlynn loved him but couldn't tell him. Want to know how she told him ??? read to find out!


2. a brake up and a new relationship

I couldn't believe she would do something like that! i don't think Louis did either. I told Darcy to go to her room while we deal with this she ran off and as soon as she shut her door all i could hear was this I CANT BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO HER! WERE FRIENDS NOT BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND, FRIENDS! ELEANOR WE ARE DONE! screamed Louis after that he ran out and went to his flat he went into the hallway and threw her stuff everywhere i could not believe he did that then she ran out of my flat and yelled  THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! i looked at her and said don't put your crap on me with that i shut the door and went to Darcy's room to see if she is ok.It was 9:30pm and Darcy was asleep i quietly tip toed over to Louis's flat and knocked on his door he answers the door and invites me to come in. We sit on his couch and talk "i'm going to help fix your door and your apartment" he said i looked at him and said "No your not! it's not your fault!"  "ya it kind of is" he replied " well guess what its already fixed" i said with a smile "how?" "well let's just say i  had some help." i smiled again and opened his door and in walked 5 people with working tools   i laughed at his face because Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry and Danielle had already worked on the door  " how?!!?!?!!?" he said  " one small call and planning" i said laughing we said our goodbyes to everyone and then it was just me and him in his flat. " Ash you amaze me sometimes." he said smiling " hey its what i do" i laughed  i looked in his beautiful blue eyes he looked in mine we started to get closer and closer till their was a tiny space inbetween us he finally filled that space and kissed me. Ashlynn i love you! he said with a smile i always have but couldn't tell you i was scared really?! i feel the same way!  i  said smiling i looked at the time on my phone 10:45pm well i better get going i have work tomorrow i said i kissed his cheek then went to the door i was about to go out when he said "does this mean we are together?" "yes defiantly." i smiled and went to my flat i closed the door and turned around Darcy was sitting on the couch i must have still been red from our kiss because she asked me whats wrong and i replied " my prince finally found me." 

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