The 65th Hunger Games district 4 Love story

This is about a girl named Bailey Odiar the little sister of Finnick Odiar who won the hunger games just two years earlier. She is only twelve and she has to go into the arena of the 65th hunger games. And from some of the other districts have 13 year olds who have known eachother for as long as they can remember and their names are Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayne all of them they can't kill Bailey because they think she shoould live and not them what will happen?


15. We meet again

H p.o.v
Tonight in the sky the person who died was Niall. Louie went to find Bailey and Liam. We followed him and we were walking when a arrow shot into the ground in front of me. "Why are you here have you come to kill us?" a voice said. It was so hoarse I couldn't tell who it was. I looked up into one of the trees. The person had brown hair in a messy braid. "Bailey it's me Harry." I said. She started to climb down the tree and a monkey followed her. "Could you leave me alone you dumb chimp?!" she yelled at it. It went back up. She came a little closer to us. She was skinnier then when we came into the arena. She looked at me and ran and gave me a hug. "I missed you so much Harry!" she said. She kissed me. "I missed you too. Where's Liam?" I asked. "He went to try and catch something to eat." she said. I was glad that Liam was taking care of Bailey he is a great mate. "We're the last ones Harry." Bailey said. I stopped her as the guys went to get Liam. "None of us are going to be alone." I said. She suddenly screamed then fainted. I saw a bunch of monkey/dog mutations. I picked Bailey up and ran. Zayn and Louis were standing there like idiots not knowing what's going on. "There are mutants behind you!!" I yelled. Before they could run though one of the monsters picked them up and actually tore thier hearts out. They were chasing us now I climbed a tree. If only I was as good as Bailey. When we were up at the top Bailey finally woke from unconsciousness. She looked down at the corpses of Zayn and Louie. "Fuck. Not again." she said. We heard the two cannons then the helicopters came to get Zayn and Louis.
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