The 65th Hunger Games district 4 Love story

This is about a girl named Bailey Odiar the little sister of Finnick Odiar who won the hunger games just two years earlier. She is only twelve and she has to go into the arena of the 65th hunger games. And from some of the other districts have 13 year olds who have known eachother for as long as they can remember and their names are Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayne all of them they can't kill Bailey because they think she shoould live and not them what will happen?


3. To The Capitol

Harry's P.O.V

I thought Finnick would get mad at me but then I heard Bailey say, "Wake up Harry." Then the next thing I know my eyes are opening and I see Bailey right above me "Hey Harry go in your room and get dressed we're almost in to the capitol." "Seriously already?" I ask annoyed. "Yeah but it might be fun because this year there is two things for the tributes. The tribute parade and a masquarade dance." Bailey said. The tribute parade is so boring but a dance sounds fun. "Maybe it will." I agreed. It will give me a chance to dance with her. "I better go in my room then." I say then get out of her room and shut the door. But then I stop for a second she was singing a song sung by a celeberty named taylor swift. I've heard it on the radio a million times but when she sung it it was way better. "We are never ever getting back together. Like ever." She sung in her bedroom. I wanted to go in there and ask her where she learned to sing like that but I knew she was changing so I left her alone.

Bailey's P.O.V.

I think Harry heard me singing. If he did thats embarassing. I think I'm terrible at singing but all the people that have heard me sing say that it is like a angel's voice. I got in a purple t-shirt some denim shorts, I put my perm in a ponytail , got some black flats on and last but not least my mockingjay necklace. Then I went to the dining hall and sit across from Annie because she is my mentor after all. "Hey Annie." I say when an Avox gives me Lunch. "Thank you." I say to the Avox girl. She nods in reply because Avoxes can't speak. "Hello Bailey. How are you today?" She asks me in a kind voice. "I am wonderful thanks for asking." I say. "Why do you love my brother Luke? He is a mutt." She says to me. "I don't know if I really do Annie. But I don't know who I actually love. What should I do?" I ask her as if she knows everything. "I think you should think about the ones you think you love." she replied.

Harry's P.O.V

When I walk into the dining car I see that Bailey is talking to Annie so I sit across from Finnick so I can talk to him. "Hey Finn." I say to him he looks up to see me and says, "Hey Harry." and looks back to where his eyes were before I got here. I follow his glare and see he is looking at the table where Annie and Bailey are and I know he is making sure his sister is happy. Then Bailey glances over to us. "Come on over here you two and stop staring!" she yells over and laughs. Then I see the capitol out the window great.

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