The 65th Hunger Games district 4 Love story

This is about a girl named Bailey Odiar the little sister of Finnick Odiar who won the hunger games just two years earlier. She is only twelve and she has to go into the arena of the 65th hunger games. And from some of the other districts have 13 year olds who have known eachother for as long as they can remember and their names are Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayne all of them they can't kill Bailey because they think she shoould live and not them what will happen?


4. The Parade

Bailey's P.O.V

My prep team was waxing my legs it hurt but I knew I had to deal with it. I still hadn't met my stylist yet I just want to meet them and get done with the parade. But then I started to think about what I asked Annie on the Train. I started to think about Luke and then Harry. I think I'm falling for Harry. If I am I got to stop now. We are going into the arena together. We can't Love eachother when we're in there. Then pain went up my leg. "OW!" I scream then my prep team stares at me for a second then go back to work.

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Harry's P.O.V

I was at the chariot waiting for Bailey so we could get the tribute parade done. Then I saw her she looked as if she was a goddess she wore a blue dress and her legs were painted making it look like she wore waves on her legs, light blue eyeshadow all around her eyes. She looked even more beautiful then usual. "What you staring at." she said to me and smirked. "A girl I've known since we were 3." I reply. But then I saw her looking at a girl who's our age from district 8. "At least we're not the only ones that are 13." I say to her.

Bailey's P.O.V

When we were in the chariot I looked at Harry. He looked so handsome. I know I have to stop it but I can't it is just that I have none him for years and I was falling for him and still was. "Can you hold my hand I feel like I'm going to fall out of the chariot." I lied. "Sure." he said. We held hands the whole way till we reached the training center. Then President Snow spoke, "Welcome, welcome. Tributes this is where you will be staying till the games begin." Then the chariots started going again. I stumbled and Harry caught me we were staring into eachother's eyes. I wanted him to kiss me but I knew it wouldn't happen.

Harry's P.O.V

Bailey had fallen into my arms and we stared into eachother's eyes. I thought I saw desire in her eyes as if she wanted to kiss me as much as I wanted to. She started to lean in so did I then there was a spark. When we got out of it we were in the training center and the other tributes started to stare at us. "What are you looking at!" we yelled at them at the same time.

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