The 65th Hunger Games district 4 Love story

This is about a girl named Bailey Odiar the little sister of Finnick Odiar who won the hunger games just two years earlier. She is only twelve and she has to go into the arena of the 65th hunger games. And from some of the other districts have 13 year olds who have known eachother for as long as they can remember and their names are Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayne all of them they can't kill Bailey because they think she shoould live and not them what will happen?


5. The 4th floor and Training

Bailey's P.O.V

We came to the fourth floor the floor with our rooms. Everyone in the audience had saw me and Harry kiss. I hope my brother doesn't care sometimes he is over protective. "Hey Finn." I say to my brother. "Hey Mockingjay." he said. "Where's your boyfriend Harry?" he asked me. "I think he is in his room." I reply. I went to my room it was so cool. there was a part of the wall where I could change the backround. I found one that reminded me of home it was the sea. I left it on there I wanted to wake up seeing my home. I missed the rest of my family my little brother Shaun, lil sister Ellie, lil sis Faith and lil sis Riley A.K.A Rue. I missed them so much. I stopped thinking about them and got in pajamas and took my parade costume off and took it to my stylist Cole.

Harry's P.O.V

Bailey and I woke up for training. She put her perm in ponytails. Man she looked hot when she came out of her room. "Ready to see what the other tributes can do?" she asked me. "I guess hope your better than them." I reply. Then I charge after her and pick her up. "Put me down Harry! I mean it!" she laughed. "Whatever you say my queen." and I drop her then run to the part of the floor where we watched the parade. "Harry! You get back here!" she yelled after me. She got ahead of me and tackeled me. "Well looks like I caught my prince."she says then kisses me. Then Raven yells at us to stop and takes us to the training floor.

Bailey's P.O.V

When we got to the very bottom floor I see all the stations. "Yes. My favorite weapon." I say and run to it because they have already started. I went to the trident station. My brother had taught me to use it. I just say its my favorite but its not. My specialty/favorite is the bow and arrow. I'll keep that for when I'm with the gamemakers. The other tributes saw me get the trident and moaned. They thought I was just like my brother. Well he was here when he was 16 I'm 12 I'll probaly die I think. Then I realize when I'm with only the gamemakers I'll act weak then actually show my strength. "Hey beautiful." someone says behind me It's not Harry. So I turn around and see a dude with dark hair. "Sorry do I know you?" I ask him. "Sorry my name is Zayne, Zayne Malik. I know Harry." Zayn says. "Well hi Zayne I'm Bailey, Bailey Oidair." I say offering my hand for him to shake. He shakes my hand and says, "I didn't know that Finnick Oidair had a little sister until I watched the other districts reapings."

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