The 65th Hunger Games district 4 Love story

This is about a girl named Bailey Odiar the little sister of Finnick Odiar who won the hunger games just two years earlier. She is only twelve and she has to go into the arena of the 65th hunger games. And from some of the other districts have 13 year olds who have known eachother for as long as they can remember and their names are Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayne all of them they can't kill Bailey because they think she shoould live and not them what will happen?


6. Olive

Harry's P.O.V

Bailey has met all my friends from the other districts. Zayn from district 12, Niall from district 10, Louie from 2 and Liam from 6. We decided to sing to her at the masquarade dance. We are going to sing our song One Thing. Bailey has never heard us sing together. I convinced snow to let us do it. I'm so excited.

Bailey's P.O.V

I'm throwing the trident at the bullseye when a hand touches my shoulder. "Hey Har- Oh sorry I thought you were the other tribute from my district." I say as I see it is the girl from district 8. "Sorry did I startle you." she says in a kind and caring voice. I had always wanted to meet her. "Oh its fine I'm Bailey. And you are?" I reply. "Oh right I just wanted to meet you. Hi I'm Olivia but you can call me Olive." she says. "Olive yeah I like it. Call me Cat my middle name is Cathleen." I say in reply. "No I'll call you mockingjay because of your necklace and you remind me of one." Olive replies. "Ok. Want to meet Harry." I ask Olive. "Sure." she replies.

Harry's P.O.V

I'm talking to the boys about the dance when Bailey comes over with the girl from 8 with her. "Hey, hey, hey, hey guys. I want you guys to meet Olive." she says. "Hello." Olive says. "Olive this is Zayn, Niall, Louie and Liam." she says to her and points them out. "What about me?" I ask Bailey. "She knows who you are Harry." she replies. "Come here." I say to her. She comes over and sits on my lap. "How have you been doing in training here?" I ask her. "Good been really good at balance can't say the same for you though." she replies smirking.

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