I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



10. Welcome Nialler.



‘Hi?’ I heard a sweet and innocent voice behind me.

I spun round, accidently flicking her in the face with my hair.

‘Hi, sorry about that, I’m Shelly’ I giggled, holding my hand out to shake hers, which she followed.

‘I know, I was kind of looking for your brother, Niall?’ she muttered. How did she know him?

‘That’s me’ Niall shouted from behind me.

‘Hi, I’m Chelsea, if you remember me, you rang to see how to get here and stuff?’ Who was this girl?!

‘Oh hi! Wow! I didn’t think you’d actually come find me!’ Niall raised his eyebrows in shock. I stood awkwardly to the side of them, barely listening to what they had started talking about.

‘Chelsea! Were on in like 5 minutes!’ someone shouted from across the room, running over and dragging her backstage.

‘Good Luck!!!’ Niall screamed after her and Chelsea replied with a beaming smile.

‘Who was that?’ I questioned rudely.

‘Oh, Chels?’ he grinned, not even bothering to finish before skipping off childishly to watch his new friend, or whoever she was, cheer.


Me and the girls were waiting impatiently backstage, biting on our nails and checking each other’s hair vigorously.

‘You all look fine! Good Luck and do me proud girls!!’ coach cried, tears forming in her eyes. Aww!

We had a huge group hug, just as we were called to go on. I took a deep breath and ran out like we do onto the stage. The view from here was mesmerising. There was a long brown table in front of us, where the three judges were sat smiling and taking notes, as well as about ten rows of chairs and room behind where all the other cheer leaders were stretching and stuff.



As I took my place in the front left hand corner of the formation, I caught a glimpse of Niall’s cute blonde hair, and when he saw me staring at him, he gave me two thumbs up with the biggest grin imaginable. The other boys, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn were sat in the seats just next to where he was positioned.

The music suddenly blast and I only just managed to get myself into focus for the routine. We performed it well, with all the lifts, cradles, splits and summersaults, and I gave a massive, tired, beaming smile to the judges and to the others in the crowd just as I finished. Coach was there to greet us when we came off, screaming and shouting excitedly. Me, Eimer, Evie, Maria and Paige were all squealing and talking about the performance. I must admit, it was fantastic!

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