I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



7. Ready and waiting...

I quickly caught a lift with Harry to my house and pulled on a cute red floral playsuit, with some sparkly red heels and some simple accessories. My hair had been tie up in a messy bun all day, so when i pulled the hair tie out, my brown locks cascaded around my shoulders and to my waist in a pack of curls. To match the rest of my simplicity, i pushed a black alice back into the front. With the flick of my mascara brush and some lip gloss, me and Harry were on our way to the theatre to meet Anne and Gemma.
Harry had decided to wear a tight fitting white shirt, showing his abs nicely, and dome dark denim jeans that hung just below his hips. He had those casual tattered white converse on that he refused to throw out too. A mop of curls framed his perfect face like a photo.
'Ready?' he asked, linking his arm with mine sarcastically. I laughed and walked to his car with him, looking like the strangest pair of idiots ever.
He opened my car door like a gentleman and i slid into the front seat of his silver Audi R8. My body sank into the soft black leather and i smiled, smelling around. Harrys aftershave lingered in the air.

'So Zayn, are you and the lads coming to watch us tomorrow?' i asked later that day when the film, Oliver Twist, had finished.
'Obviously!' he chuckled, raising his left eyebrow.
'How else am i going to get all the way over to Liverpool?!' Evie snapped.
'Oh yeah' i murmured.
The two of them laughed at me, so i sulked and then chose to go get my pyjamas on.
In the bathroom i stripped down to my bra and nickers, pulled on my pink polka dot pyjama shorts and spongebob top.
Next i took off all my make up and shoved my hair up into a ponytail.
'Guys, its late, i'm off to sleep' i announced as i strolled in and crawled into my bed for the night.
'It's 9pm?' Zayn said confused.
'And? We have to be up at 6 to get ready, and i want to go over our routine with the girls as soon as we get there?! Paige, Maria and Eimer are meeting us there at 8 with the other guys so we can practice together before it starts at 11' i explained, pushing some ear plugs into my ears and pulling my eye shield over my eyes. With in about 20 minutes, i was fast asleep.
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