I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



11. Nandos!


Super short part, sorry :L


My sisters on next, I know, but I’ve seen her cheer loads and Chelsea’s just about to leave! I need to catch up with her before she heads on out. I might not find her after the results! Shelly won’t mind.

I turned away from the stage, to look over everyone’s heads. Chelsea and four of her other friends were all in the corner of the room, pulling grey squad trackies on and slinging their bags over their shoulders. With them, waiting by the side was four other guys, walking each with one of her friends. She looked kina lonely if I’m honest.

I ran over, dodging all the people and finally making it to the door where the nine of them were heading towards, and caught my breath before she approached me.

‘Hi Niall, guys this is Niall, Niall, this is the guys, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Paige, Eimer, Maria and Evie’ her perfect voice perked up when she saw me. All of them waved and I smiled back shyly.

‘I wanted to catch you before the results, you did great by the way!’ I complimented.

‘Thank you! Want to come with us? We’re walking down the road to Nandos for a quick drink and starter cause we’ve got three hours or so to kill before?’ she offered. I looked at where Shelly was about halfway through her routine. I nodded and opened the door for her, bowing sarcastically and laughing when she punched me playfully.

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