I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



4. Me and you, you and me

We finished our routine and got it to almost perfection, so coach let us leave half an hour early. I wanted some company and since none of the others had invited me to stay with them, Harry was my only option. Not that i'm complaining!
'Harolddd' i whined when i saw him walking towards me. I brought him into a grumpy hug and gestured for him to sit on the bench.
'I really do hate it when you call me Harold you know' he flashed a cheeky smile and faced me.
'Come round to mine tonight?' i pleaded.
'Whoa, you must be desperate!' he laughed, i scowled and hit him softly in the ribs.
'Not in that way, i'll have you know i'm still a virgin! All the other girls are staying at Maria's and Evie's, but they didn't ask me' i explained.
'Can't you come to mine, i've got to look after my nephew till mum gets home tonight? Her and Gemma are going to the theatre' he asked.
'Aw, really!? I love going to the theatre' i squealed.
'I know, you tried dragging me to it once but i made Maria go with you instead' he frowned, standing up.
'Come on, i'll walk with you to yours to get some things?' he offered after i looked at him with confusion.
We walked to my house, which luckily was just round the corner. When i got there i brushed through my tangled brown hair speedily and shoved some stuff into a bag. It didn't take me long to retrieve my toothbrush and make up from the bathroom, and soon me and Harry were walking to his and talking about going to see a movie or something tomorrow. We had nothing better to do  really.
When we reached Harry house i looked up to Chelsea's bedroom window. She was shockingly dancing around in just her bra and nickers, and everyone who walked past could see and hear because she had left the curtains wide open and the window too.
'Nice bra, from Victorias Secret?;);)' i texted as i saw the curtains shut in no time and a yelp.
'Oh shit' she replied, me and Harry just stood there laughing.
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