I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



2. Love at first word?

'How was practice?' Liam asked, hugging Eimer and giving her a quick peck on the lips.
'Tiring, like any other day i guess?' she shrugged, linking hands with him and searching for a table. Paige spotted a large one first and ran over to it childishly. Her long brown hair whipped side to side as she did, and just to make sure we all came over, she flashed us a look with her blue eyes and i saw her hoping Harry would sit next to her. I don't know why they don't just get together.
Maria and Evie, the other two girls in our group were completely opposite. Evie had dark brown hair and emerald green eyes, where as Maria had goldilocks blonde hair and blue eyes like my own.
'So guys, hows your routine for the championship?' Harry asked. Zayn had gone off to order us all our usual; a small fries and our favourite milkshake. Personally, i like strawberry.
'It always seems to amaze me how much you care about it...' Evie chuckled.
'Well, we might as well, convocation starter' he replied.
'Its coming along, Maddie keeps stepping on my foot though, i think i'll have no toes left soon. She goes right instead of left!' Eimer sighed.
'It is right darling, not left' Paige whispered.
'Oh' she grumped.
We all laughed, just as Zayn arrived with a tray full of food.
After we'd all finished, i headed home with Liam and Harry, while Paige and Louis headed the other way to their houses. Zayn,  Eimer, Evie and Maria caught the next bus towards their homes.
I luckily lived just on the house across the street from Harry, and Liam lived 4 doors down. Paige and Louis were neighbours, one reason why they're so close and the others just two bus stops away, all in the same cul-de-sac.
I said my goodbyes and crossed the road, entering my house to be greeted by my pet cat, Honey. She was so cute.
When i was home, i took a long, hot shower and read a bit of my mums book. 
Around 8pm, my phone started blasting out 'Rita Ora-How we do', my ringtone.
The number wasnt from my contacts, but i could clearly see the 11 digits.
'Hello?' i answered.
'Hi, is this Shelly?' a cute irish accent replied.
'No, you must have the wrong number' i giggled.
'Oh, okay, sorry to bother you, it was nothing major, i just needed the details for my sisters cheerleading contest this weekend, sorry again' he explained.
'I think i can tell you, i'm competing in it too, part of the Roosters, its at Swallow Hill high school. It depends what team shes in on the day and time, i have a list somewhere' i informed, fiddling around my desk for the envelope that had all the information.
'Oh, shes part of the Wolves' he added.
'Shes on two before us on Saturday, it says shes on at 3, but they never follow the times really so it could be anytime around then to be honest!'
'Thank You so much, i guess i'll see you there then, i'm Niall, Niall Horan'
'I'm Chelsea, Chelsea Hartley'
There was a tiny moment of awkward silence, where i placed my bookmark in my book and put it on the shelf.
'I'll hopefully see you on Sunday then' he was the first to break it.
'Hopefully, bye' i grinned to myself and hung up.
Is it possible to fall in love at first word?
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