I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



6. Lets go!

I basically remembered i forgot to invited Harry or Paige to mine tonight, but oh well, i've got Chelsea all night.
'Harry just saw me naked guys, my life is ruined!' Chelsea moaned from the minute she got to mine.
'Its fine Chelsea, just laugh it off!' i giggled.
She grunted and slumped down into my black leather sofa. I was sat on the other end of it, while Louis was stretched out on the one opposite.

I was sat in Evies room with her and Zayn while Liam was still throwing up in the bathroom, nice.
'Is he okay?' Zayn spitted, furrowing his eyebrows and walking in with a mouthful of toast.
'I'm sure he's fine' Evie shrugged, shaking her head slightly.
We all took another glance at each other, listening in on his moaning and groaning. I decided it would be best to go help him, no matter how disgusting it was.

After the disturbing experience walking into my house, i wanted a chill out night really.
When me and Paige strolled into my house, my mum greeted us both with a warm hug, then went back to rushing around. Herself and Gemma were off out to the theatre, and i was babysitting her 5 year old young boy, Sam, my nephew.
Gemma clomped down the stairs carefully in a tight fitting, blue satin dress, with a few sequins on the hem and white heels with a small bow on the toe. Around her neck was the sweet diamond necklace mum had got for her 18th birthday, and pierced into her ears were studs of the same set.
My mum was fumbling around for her purse, soon kicking off the black leather heels that clung to her feet. She was dressed in a plain white dress with a black belt around her hips. There was her silver cross hanging around her neck and a gold ring on her finger. Not a wedding one, she doesn't wear that anymore. Why do people insist on looking all posh and fancy when they go to the theatre? I don't get that.
'Are you sure you don't want to come?' she asked kindly.
I looked over to Harry and waited for his answer. He turned the tips of his lips up a little.
'Do you want to?' he turned to face me properly.
'I'm not fussed' i grinned.
'Sure then?' he nodded.
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