I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



9. Is it really you?

'5,6,7,8...' Coach counted and the squad went through our routine in the corner of the room. I was still in my pyjamas, so decided i should go start changing. Paige came with me, she must have noticed my mind was a little occupied today.
'What's up?' She worried, pulling her top over her head. There was no one in here but us, were girls, i couldn't care, so i did the same.
'Just trying to find that lad!' I laughed. She rolled her eye and we continued to get ready in silence.
I backcombed the front of Paige's hair for her, and she did mine, then i pinned it back to create a very big poof. The rest of it was brought up into a straight volumised ponytail and my bow rested on the top. Paige's hair was done exactly the same.
We both perfected our thick colourful makeup before heading out to join the others.
'Coach?' I shouted as i came closer to her. She spun round and grinned warmly at me.
'Do you know if The Wolves are here yet?'
'That could be them dear?' She shrugged, pointing to a group of taller and more hench girls who looked around a year older than us. One was laughing really loud with a quite handsome blonde boy. His smile lit up the room and he had beautiful bright blue eyes, like water.
'Erm, excuse me, are you the wolves?' I tapped the nearest girl in the same uniform on the back, continuously checking over her shoulder to see if the boy had moved.
'Yeah!' She cheered happily.
'I was just wondering, do you have anyone in your squad called...shelly?'
She nodded instantly, pointing to the really pretty blonde girl who had been laughing loudly with the boy.
'Is that her brother?' I added and she nodded again. I thanked her quickly and ran over. Could it really be him?

'Were on in 20 minutes girls! Wheres Chelsea gone?' Coach squealed.
'Yay! Not too sure?' I replied.
'She's talking to one of the other teams i think' Paige explained. Coach bit her lip nervously and then lifted her shoulders.
'If any of you see her, tell her were on soon'
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